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Specification of the print product

Francesco Solimena made this painting called The Annunciation. The piece of art measures the size - Height: 129 cm (50,7 ″); Width: 75,8 cm (29,8 ″) and was painted on the medium oil on canvas. Today, the piece of art can be viewed in in the digital art collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark). With courtesy of Statens Museum for Kunst & Wikimedia Commons (licensed - public domain).: . On top of that, alignment is in portrait format and has an aspect ratio of 9 : 16, which means that the length is 45% shorter than the width. Francesco Solimena was a male architect, painter from Italy, whose artistic style was primarily Baroque. The artist was born in the year 1657 in Italy, Europe and deceased at the age of 90 in 1747.

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  • Poster (canvas material): The Artprinta poster print is a UV printed flat canvas with a nice surface texture. Please note, that depending on the absolute size of the canvas poster print we add a white margin between 2 - 6cm around the work of art, which facilitates the framing with a custom frame.
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  • Aluminium dibond: Aluminium Dibond prints are prints on metal with an outstanding depth. The non-reflective surface structure make a fashionable impression.

Background information about the artist

Artist: Francesco Solimena
Additional names: F. Solemeni, Solimène de Naple, Solimini, Francesco Soloman, Cav. Francesco Solimene, Francesco Solimina, Solemene, Ciccio Solimeno, francesco solimena gen. abbate ciccio, F. Solimina, Solomeny, Solimeni, fanzesco solimena, Solimen, Francesco Solimena, Solomeni, solimena francesco, Solemini, Francesco Solymena, solimena fr., Solomene, solimena francesco gen. l'abbate ciccio, Jolimena, Francesco Solomeni, Soloman, Abb.e Ciccio Solimena, Francesco Solomini, Solimene Francesco, S. Solomena, Francesco Solimeni, Francesco Solamini, Solymene, Francesco Soiminia, Francesco Solemini, Solamani, Abbé Solimene, Solamini, Solymina, Solimano, Francesco Solimini, F. Solimena, Solimena, Solameno, Fran. Solimene, Francesco Solemeni, Abbate Ciccio Solimena, Solimena L'Abate Ciccio, F. Solimeni, François-Solimene, Solemeni, F. Solime, Francesco Salimone, Abbate Francesco Solimena, Francesco Solimana, Fr. Solimena, Solimens, Solimene de Naples, solimena francesco di, Zolamini, Franz Solimena, Signor Abbate Ciccio Solimeno, Soiminia, Ciccio Solimene, Sollemen, Solomini, Francesco Solimena gen. LAbbate Ciccio, Solimana, Solimenes, Sollimene, Francesco Solimani, François Solimène, Solimone, Solement, Francesco Solement, F. Solimene, Solemena, chicho solimen, Salomene, François Solimene de Naples, Solymena, Solimena, Solemine, Solimena Francesco, francesco solimena gen. l'abbate ciccio, Solemina, Fr. Solimene, Francesco Solymina, F. Solimenes, Solimena Francesco gen. Abbate Ciccio, solimena franc., L'Abate Ciccio, Solimenæ, Francesco Solimeno, solimeni napolitano, Ciccio Solimena, Francesco Solimène, Francesco Solemene, Francesco Solimano, Solimina, Solimena F., Francesco Solimene di Napoli, Ciccio Francesco, Solimeno, Solimaine, Solimene, Francesco Solemine, Solimenie
Gender: male
Artist nationality: Italian
Professions: painter, architect
Home country: Italy
Art styles: Baroque
Died aged: 90 years
Born: 1657
Born in (place): Italy, Europe
Died: 1747
Town of death: Barra, Napoli, Napoli province, Campania, Italy, rione

Artpiece details

Title of the painting: "The Annunciation"
Classification of the artpiece: painting
Painted on: oil on canvas
Original artwork dimensions: Height: 129 cm (50,7 ″); Width: 75,8 cm (29,8 ″)
Museum: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Museum location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Available at:
Artwork license: public domain
Courtesy of: Statens Museum for Kunst & Wikimedia Commons

About the product

Article type: wall art
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production method: UV direct printing (digital print)
Production: made in Germany
Type of stock: on demand production
Intended product use: wall décor, art collection (reproductions)
Image orientation: portrait format
Side ratio: 9 : 16 length to width
Aspect ratio interpretation: the length is 45% shorter than the width
Material choices: poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print): 50x90cm - 20x35", 100x180cm - 39x71"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 50x90cm - 20x35", 100x180cm - 39x71"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 50x90cm - 20x35"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material) sizes: 50x90cm - 20x35"
Frame: not available

Important legal note: We try our utmost to describe our art products as closely as possible and to illustrate them visually on the respective product detail pages. Still, some colors of the print products, as well as the printing can vary marginally from the presentation on your monitor. Depending on the settings of your screen and the quality of the surface, color pigments can unfortunately not be printed as exactly as the digital version depicted here. In view of the fact that our are printed and processed manually, there may as well be minor discrepancies in the exact position and the size of the motif.

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