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Supplemental information by Latvian National Museum of Art (© Copyright - by Latvian National Museum of Art - Latvian National Museum of Art)

In his largest composition “Refugees”, modernist Jēkabs Kazaks who, “like the old masters, wanted to work hard like a craftsman”, expresses the nations tragedy with true severity. He reveals it as the harsh story of a peasant family driven from their home during the First World War. Like a rock in the vertically formed expressive composition, the mighty figure of the grandfather rises above a low horizon – a symbol of strength; the image of the grandmother radiates the wisdom of the national spirit but the young mother with her suckling infant – the incessant drive of life. The refugees have an inner spite that does not allow them to submit to despair. These people leave an impression of spiritual and physical unbreakability; a single hope smoulders in their hearts – to return to their homeland. This monumental painting is regarded as one of the highest peaks of Latvia’s classical modernism.

Your personal visual art print

Refugees was created by the artist Jēkabs Kazaks. The piece of art was made with the size: 210,5 x 107 cm and was painted with the techinque oil on canvas. Besides, the piece of art can be viewed in in the digital collection of Latvian National Museum of Art, which is one of the largest museums in the Baltic region, which consists of four museums and one exhibiton hall. The work of art, which belongs to the public domain is being provided with courtesy of Latvijas Nacionālais mākslas muzejs, Latvian National Museum of Art.: . What is more, the alignment of the digital reproduction is in portrait format with an image ratio of 1 : 2, meaning that the length is 50% shorter than the width.

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  • The poster print (canvas material): A poster is a printed sheet of canvas paper with a slight surface texture. The poster print is appropriate for framing your art copy using a custom-made frame. Please keep in mind, that depending on the size of the poster print we add a white margin of approximately 2-6cm round about the painting in order to facilitate the framing.
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The painter

Artist name: Jēkabs Kazaks
Jobs: painter

Background information about the artpiece

Title of the artwork: "Refugees"
Artwork classification: painting
Painted on: oil on canvas
Artwork original dimensions: 210,5 x 107 cm
Museum / collection: Latvian National Museum of Art
Museum location: Riga, Latvia
Available under: www.lnmm.lv
Artwork license type: public domain
Courtesy of: Latvijas Nacionālais mākslas muzejs, Latvian National Museum of Art

Item table

Article classification: art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Manufacturing process: digital printing
Origin of the product: manufactured in Germany
Stock type: on demand
Proposed product use: home décor, art print gallery
Alignment of the image: portrait format
Aspect ratio: (length : width) 1 : 2
Implication: the length is 50% shorter than the width
Available reproduction materials: poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) options: 20x40cm - 8x16", 30x60cm - 12x24", 40x80cm - 16x31", 50x100cm - 20x39", 60x120cm - 24x47", 80x160cm - 31x63", 90x180cm - 35x71"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size options: 20x40cm - 8x16", 30x60cm - 12x24", 40x80cm - 16x31", 50x100cm - 20x39", 60x120cm - 24x47", 80x160cm - 31x63", 90x180cm - 35x71"
Poster print (canvas paper) size variants: 30x60cm - 12x24", 40x80cm - 16x31", 50x100cm - 20x39", 60x120cm - 24x47"
Aluminium print (aluminium dibond material) options: 20x40cm - 8x16", 30x60cm - 12x24", 40x80cm - 16x31", 50x100cm - 20x39", 60x120cm - 24x47"
Art print framing: without frame

Important note: We try to depict the art products as exact as possible and to exhibit them visually. Still, the pigments of the printed materials, as well as the print result can vary slightly from the presentation on the screen. Depending on the screen settings and the quality of the surface, color pigments might not be printed one hundret percent realistically. Bearing in mind that our art reproductions are processed and printed manually, there may also be slight differences in the motif's size and exact position.

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