Jacob van Ruisdael, 1682 - Oak Trees by a Pond - fine art print

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The 17th century painting was painted by the artist Jacob van Ruisdael in the year 1682. The piece of art can be viewed in in the collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), which is the largest museum of fine arts in Denmark and is attached to the Danish Ministry of Culture.. With courtesy of National Gallery of Denmark (public domain).In addition to that, the artwork has the following creditline: . Moreover, alignment of the digital reproduction is in square format and has a ratio of 1 : 1, which implies that the length is equal to the width.

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Structured product details

Article type: art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production process: UV print / digital printing
Origin of the product: produced in Germany
Type of stock: production on demand
Intended usage: art collection (reproductions), home design
Image orientation: square format
Image aspect ratio: 1 : 1
Interpretation of side aspect ratio: the length is equal to the width
Available product materials: metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) size variants: 20x20cm - 8x8", 30x30cm - 12x12", 50x50cm - 20x20", 70x70cm - 28x28"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) variants: 20x20cm - 8x8", 30x30cm - 12x12", 50x50cm - 20x20", 70x70cm - 28x28"
Poster print (canvas paper): 30x30cm - 12x12", 50x50cm - 20x20", 70x70cm - 28x28"
Dibond print (alumnium material): 20x20cm - 8x8", 30x30cm - 12x12", 50x50cm - 20x20", 70x70cm - 28x28"
Framing of the art copy: without frame

Work of art specs

Name of the painting: "Oak Trees by a Pond"
Categorization: painting
Umbrella term: classic art
Period: 17th century
Artpiece year: 1682
Age of artwork: more than 330 years old
Exhibited in: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Location of museum: Copenhagen, Denmark
Web URL Museum: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
License: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Denmark

Artist overview

Name of the artist: Jacob van Ruisdael
Alternative names: Ruijsdael Jacob van, Jak. Ruysdaal, Jacobus Ruysdaal, T. Ruysdael, j. van ruysdael, Jakob Ruyssdaal, j. v. ruysdael, J. Ruisdael, Jac. Ruysdael, jacob izacksz van ruisdael, רויסדאל יקוב ואן, Ruysdael Jakob van, Jacob Is. van Ruisdael, Jakob J. v. Ruysdael, Ruisdael Jacob Isaacsz van, jac. v. ruisdael, J. Ruysdae, Van Ruisdael Jacob, Ruysdall Jacob van, Ruisdael van, Jac. Ruijsdael, ruysdael j.v., Ruisdael Jacob Salomonsz van, J. Ruysdahl, jacob van ruisdeal, Ruysdaal Giacobbe van, Ruysdael J. van, jakob von ruisdael, Jakob Salomonsz van Ruysdael, I Ruysdael, J Ruijsdaal, Ruijsdael Jacob Isaacksz. van, jacob v. ruisdael, jakob van ruisdael, Jacob Ruysdall, ruysdael jacob isaacksz van, jacob von ruisdael d. a., Jacob Ruysdale, I. Ruysdael, J. Ruysdaal, jakob isaaksz van ruijsdael, jakob salomonsz ruysdael, Jacob Isaacksz. Van Ruisdael, Jacob van Ruysdael I, j.v. ruysdael, J. Ruysdale, Jacob Ruisdaal, Jacob Rysdal, Jacob Ruijschdael, Ruisdael Jacob Isaacksz. van, jacob izacksz van ruysdael, Ruysdael Jacob van, J. Ruys Dael, Jacob van Ruysdael, Jacquys Ruysdaal, Ruidael Jacob van, Jacob Rusdal, Ruisdael J., Ruysdael Jacob Salomonsz IIs, Isaacksz van Ruisdael Jacob, J. Ruisdal, Ruisdael Jakob van, J. Reusdahl, J. Ruisdaal, Jacques Ruysdael, Jac: Ruysdael, Jacob Ruysdal, Jacob Ruysdahl, Jac Ruysdael, j. j. van ruisdael, Jac. Ruysdal, j. van ruisdael, Ruisdaal Jacob van, Ruisdael Jacob Isaakszoon, Ruysdael Jacob Isaacksz. Van, Ruisdael J. von, Jacob Rysdael, Ruisdael J. van, Ruysdael Jacob van, Ruysdael Jacob, Jacques Ruysdall, Giacomo Roiisdall, jacob jzacksz van ruisdael, Jacob Ruysdael, Jacob von Ruisdael, Jakob Salomonsz Ruysdael II, jacob salomonz van ruijsdael, J. Ruysdael, Ruysdaal Jacob van, J. Ruydal, Jakob Ruisdael, Jacob Ruijsdael, Rysdal Jacob van, Rusdael Jacob van, Jacques Ruisdael, Jacob van Ruisdael, Iac. Ruysdal, Jacob Reusdaal, Ruysdael J., Jacob Salomonsz. Ruysdael, Jackop Ruijsdael, Jacob Ruijsdaal, Jacques Ruysdaal, Ruysdael Jacob Salomon, Ruisdael Jacob van, Ruipdael Jacques, Ruisdael Jacob, Jacob Izacksz Ruisdael, Jacques Ruidael, J Ruysdaal, Ruysdael Jacob Isaaks van, jacob j. von ruisdael, jakob izacksz van ruisdael, Jakob Ruysdael, J. Ruysdal, J. Ruijsdaal, Jacob of Ruysdale, j. v. ruisdael, Reǐsdalʹ I︠A︡kob van, J. Ruisdall, Jacob Isaakszoon Ruisdael I, J Ruysthal, Ruysdaal Jacob, Jac. Ruisdael, ruysdael j. van, Jacob Ruysdaal, Jacob Salomonsz van Ruysdael, Jacob Ruisdal, Ruidaal, Jacob Ruydael, Jacob Ruisdael, Jacob Rysdale, Ruisdail Jacob van, Jacques Ruisdal, Ruysdahl Jacob van, Ruysdael Jacob Isaacksz., Jacques Ruisdaal
Artist gender: male
Nationality of artist: Dutch
Professions: born or, painter, draftsman
Home country: the Netherlands
Artist classification: old master
Lifetime: 54 years
Birth year: 1628
Born in (place): Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands
Died in the year: 1682
Died in (place): Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

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Additional information by the museum's website (© - by Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) - www.smk.dk)

painting by Jacob Isaacksz. van Ruisdael (Museum: Statens Museum for Kunst)

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