Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1591 - Seascape with a High Cliff - fine art print

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  • Canvas: The canvas print, which should not be confused with a canvas painting, is a digital copy printed from an industrial printing machine. Your printed canvas of this work of art will let you turn your into a large collection piece like you would see in a gallery. A canvas print has the advantage of being relatively low in weight. That means, it is easy to hang up the Canvas print without extra wall-mounts. Canvas prints are suitable for all types of walls.
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Original artwork specifications from Indianapolis Museum of Art website (© Copyright - Indianapolis Museum of Art - Indianapolis Museum of Art)

Gallery label: This painting is considered one of Brueghel's earliest surviving works and was probably painted in the 1590s when he was living in Italy. Like many of Jan's early landscapes, this one is painted from a high vantage point reminiscent of the panoramic "world landscape" format favored by his father, Pieter Brueghel the elder.

Indianapolis Museum of Art The Clowes Collection

Article summary

"Seascape with a High Cliff" is a piece of art made by Jan Brueghel the Elder. The version of the painting had the size: 4 x 4 1/2 in. Oil on copper was used by the artist as the medium of the work of art. It forms part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art's digital art collection, which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America. The classic art public domain masterpiece is included with courtesy of Indianapolis Museum of Art.: . On top of that, alignment of the digital reproduction is landscape and has an image ratio of 1.2 : 1, which means that the length is 20% longer than the width. Jan Brueghel the Elder was a artist, painter, whose artistic style was mainly Baroque. The Belgian painter was born in 1568 in Brussels, Bruxelles region, Belgium and passed away at the age of 57 in 1625 in Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium.

Structured information on the artpiece

Artpiece title: "Seascape with a High Cliff"
Artwork categorization: painting
Broad category: classic art
Artwork century: 16th century
Created in the year: 1591
Approximate age of artwork: around 420 years old
Original medium: oil on copper
Original artwork dimensions: 4 x 4 1/2 in
Museum / location: Indianapolis Museum of Art
Museum location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
Website of the museum: Indianapolis Museum of Art
License: public domain
Courtesy of: Indianapolis Museum of Art

The product specs

Product categorization: wall art
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production method: UV print / digital printing
Product Origin: produced in Germany
Stock type: production on demand
Intended usage: home design, wall art
Artwork orientation: landscape alignment
Aspect ratio: 1.2 : 1
Meaning of the image aspect ratio: the length is 20% longer than the width
Material choices: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) sizes: 60x50cm - 24x20"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size variants: 60x50cm - 24x20"
Poster print (canvas paper) options: 60x50cm - 24x20"
Aluminium print options: 60x50cm - 24x20"
Framing of the art reproduction: not available

General background information on the artist

Name: Jan Brueghel the Elder
Also known as: J. Breugel dit de Velours, Bhrueghel, Sam. Breughell, John Breughel called Velvet Breughel, Breugel de Veloure, Breughel de Veloure, Breughels dit de Velours, Jan Brueghel d. Ae. Der sog. Samtbrueghel, Brugel de Velours, Brueghel Jan I, Breughill, Jean Breughel dit de Velours, Breughael, Velvet Brueghel, Jean Breughel dit Breughel de Velours, J. Breughel le Pere, jan broughel d. a., jean breughel d. a., Brughel dit de Velours, J. Breugehl, Breugel Johan, ברויגל יאן (וולווט) האב, Jan Brughel, Old Breugel, Brueghel Jan der Aeltere, Breugel den Ouden, Giovanni di Brucolo, Bruegel Velvet, V. Brughell, Breughel de Fluweele, Flowellen Breughel, Brughel, Jean Breughel, J. Breugel dit De Velours, Johan. Breughel de Velours, V. Breugel, Sammet-Breughel, T. Breugel, Jan Brueghel D. A., le Brueghel de Velours, Breughal, Bereugal, Brueghel Jan Der Ältere, Jean Breughel dit De Velour, P. Breugel de Velours, Brucoli vecchio, Joh. Brueghel, Breughel Jan d. Ä., Flaelen Breugel, jan breughel d. alt., Johann Brueghel, Breughel le Velours, Brieughel, Brueghell, Breugel dit Develour, Johann Brueghell, Breugel Jan the elder, Brugel de Velour, Breughels de Velours, Breughel de Vel., Brueghel Jan (Velvet) the Elder, Brughel De Velours, Breugel dit : de Velours, John Brueghel Called Velvet Brueghel, Bruegels, Velvet Brueghal, Breugel de Vlours, Velvet Breugle, Bruegel, J. Breugel-de-Velours, V. Brughel, Sammet Breugel, Paradise Breughel, Breughel the Old, Breughel Jean dit de velours, brueghel jan der altere, Jan Brueghel d. Ae. gen. Sammetbrueghel, Le Vieux Breughel, Brughill, Broegel, Bruguel, Bruguel Paesista, J. Breugel de Velours, O. Brughel, Sammit Breughel, Brucoli Jan il vecchio, Briügel De Velours, John or Velvet Breughel, Bruegel Jan the Elder, Breugle de Velour, Fluweelen Breugel, John otherwise Velvet Breughel, John Brueghel called the Old, jan bruegel d. a., J. Breughel de Velours, Breugel dit De Velours, Old Brughell, Brucolo, Jan Breugel, Jean Breughel dit de Velour, Jan Breugel den Ouden, Old Braughel, Breugels de Velours, Breugle, Jean Breugel dit le Velours, Breugle de Velours, Breugel le vieux, Breugel Jan, Velvet Breugel, Brögeln, Breugel de Velour, Velvet Brughle, Breughel Jan, Brueghel Velvet Brueghel, Brengheel, V. Brughels, Brueghel Jan d.Ä., Sammel Breughel, the elder Breughel, Bruguel Jean dit de Velours, jan breughel d.a., Fluelle Breugel, J. Breughel de Velours, Breugel den Fluweelen, Monsu Brugo Novecchio, Breugel-de-Velours, Fluweelen Breughel, Jean Breughel dit le Breughel de velours, Brughel de Vlour, Brugall, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Brueghel Jan I, Brueghel d. Ä. Jan, jan breughel d. a., Jean Breugel dit de Velours, Breigel, de Fluwelen Breugel, Breugles de Velours, Breughi, Jan (Velvet) Brueghel the Elder, Brugo, J. Breughel dit De Velours, Jean Breughels dit de Velours, Flower Breughel, brugolo il vecchio, Brougle, Breughels van Velours, Breughall, jan breughel I, Jan Breughel, Brucolo padre, Velvect Brueghel, Briaghell, Velvet Breughell, Johann Breugel, Jan Breughel d. Ae., den Fluwelen Breugel, Jean Breugle, Johann Velvet Breughel, old Brugell, J. Breughel dit de Velours, Jean Breughel ou Breughel de Velours, Jan Brueghel, den Fluweele Breugel, Breugel. de Fluweele, jan brueghel gen. sammetbrueghel, Breugheul, Brueghel Jan (The Elder), van Brouel de folour, Breugel de Velours, Fluweele Breugel, Fruellen Brughel, Brughel de Velcouri, John Brughel, Fluen Prôgel, Breugel Jan I, Jean Breughel de Velours, Brueghel Jan, jan bruegel, jan brueghel d. aelt., Brueghel of Brussels, Jean Breughel dit de Velours, den fluweelen Breugel, Brogels, Breughi Jan, V. Brueghel, Brueghall, Breughell Jan, Broeghel Jan, Johann Velvet Breughel, jan brueghel gen. sammet-brueghel, Brugel de veleur, Bruegel Jan, Joh. Breugel, Ian Breugel, Lavecio Breugel, Breughel de Velours, Jean Breughel dit Breugle de Velours, Blumen Breugel, brueghel jan d. a., J. Brueghel d. Ä., Brueghel Jan Velvet, j. breughel d. alt., Breughel Jan Samtbreughel, Breughel de Veloers, Brenghels de Velours, Jan. Breughel, Breughels, Breughell, gio. brughel fiamengo, Gamle Breughel, Blumenbrueghel, F. Breughel, Broghle de fleur, Giovanni Breughel, Old Brughel, Fruellen Brugell, Johann Breughell genannt Blumen-Breughel, Brögel de Vel, Breughel, Bruguel de la Voilure, Broeugel, Brenghell, Giovan Breughel, Gio. Breughel, Old Brueghel, F. Breugel, Breughill de Velours, Brenghel, Vel. Brughell, de Fluwele Breugel, J. Breughels dit de Velours, Breughel Jan the elder, Breughel dit de Velours, Breugle le Velours, Brughell, jan brueghel I, Breughel de Velours, Jan Breughel d. Ae. gen. Sammtbreughel, Breuchel de Velours, Jean Breughel de Velours, Brueghel dit de Velours, jan brueghel d.a., jan breughel d. a. gen. sammetbreughel, John Brueghel called Velvet Brueghel, Velvet Breughel, Joh. Broegel, Brugo Novecchio, Sammet Breughel, Ver Brughell, Jean Bruguel dit de Velours, brueghel jan d. a., J. Brenghel, Van Breughel, Velvet Brughel, jan brueghel d. alt., brueghel der altere, Breaghel de Volours, Old Bruegal, Brueghel, Bruegel Jan der Ältere de Velours, Jan Brugolo il Vecchio, J. Bruegel, I. Breughel, O. Breughel, Sammt Breughell, Sammt=Breughel, Jan Breughel d. J., Breughel Jan d.Ä., Jann Brögel gen. van Vlour, Jean Breugel dit de Velours, den oude van Breugel, Jean Breugel, Breughil, Breugel de Velleurs, Old Brugel, Jan of de Fluele Breugel, Brueghel the Elder Jan, Breughel Jan I, Johannes Breugel, Breughel padre, jan brueghel d. a. gen. sammetbrueghel, Johann genannt Blumen-Breughel, johann breughel, Brugolo vecchio, Velvet Brenghel, Jan Breughell, Brueghel Jan 'Velvet', Breughel Jan d.Ä. gen. Samtbreughel, den Ouden Breugel, Breughel Jean, Breghel de Velour, Joh. Breughel, Breugal, Bruyhelle, Breugel de Velours, J. Brögel, Velvet Brughel, Brughael, de fluweele Breugel, Vel. Breughel, Breughel dit de Velours, Brueghel dit de Velours, Jan Brueghel der Ältere, Breughels De Velour, Breugel Velvet Brueghel, de F. Breugel, Sammet=Breughel, Breughal Jan, Velvet Brughell, Brögel, Breugel dit de Velour, Breughil de Velours, J. Brughel, jan brueghel der altere gen. sammetbrueghel, Brueghel Jan the elder, de Fluweele van Breugel, Velvet Bruegel, fluwelen Breugel, Jan I Brueghel, Breughel dit Jean, Breugel Joh., Breugel de Vloer, Briaghell Jan, Breugell de Velours, de Fluweelen Breugel, Bruegel Jan I, Brueghel de Paradis, Broughel, Johann Brögel, Breughel de Velours Jean, Broeghel, V. Breughel, de fluele Breugel, J. Breughel, fluwele Breugel, Le Breugle de Velours, Old Breughel, H. Breughel, brueghel jan d. ae., Brucolo vecchio, Jean Brughel de Velours, Breugel de Vlours, Brucolo Jan, Bregeln, old Breughell, Breugel de Vloin, jan breughel der altere, Joh. Brögel, Breugen, I. Breugel, Brug., Breughel Jan genannt Samtbreughel, Johann Breughel genannt Sammet Breughel, fluele Breugel, Brueghel de Velours, breughel jan, O. Brughael, Jean Breughel detto de Velours, Giuseppe Buoccolo, Jean Breughels, the elder Brueghel, Breugel dit de Velours, J. Breugel, Breughel Jan der Ältere, Brughels de Velours, Brugheal, Breughel de Velour
Gender: male
Nationality of artist: Belgian
Professions of the artist: painter, artist
Country: Belgium
Classification of the artist: old master
Styles of the artist: Baroque
Died at the age of: 57 years
Born: 1568
Born in (place): Brussels, Bruxelles region, Belgium
Year of death: 1625
Died in (place): Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium

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