Joseph Badger, 1760 - Portrait of Sarah Larrabee Even - fine art print

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What does the curator team of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art state about this artwork from the painter Joseph Badger? (© - by Los Angeles County Museum of Art -

Notes from the Curator: No signed portraits by Badger are known, but on the basis of the style of four documented portraits a large group of paintings similar in style have been attributed to him. The portrait of Sarah Larrabee Edes possesses the characteristics of this style: fairly pastel, chalky colors, outlining of the edges of the linen cuffs and collars, indistinct backgrounds with feathery foliage, and an insufficiency of foreshortening that makes the figures seem to float upon the surface of the painting. Since Badger’s portraits also are not dated, the progression of his stylistic development is not clear, making it hard to assign a date to the present painting. It has been dated about 1760 because that approximate date has been assigned to the portrait of the sitter’s father, Captain John Larrabee. Badger’s Captain John Larrabee, c. 1760 (Worcester [Mass.] Art Museum), is his only full-length adult portrait and easily his finest effort. The subject, born in 1686, was captain lieutenant, or commanding officer, of Castle William (afterwards Fort Independence) in Boston Harbor for nearly forty years before his death on February 11, 1762. In 1710 he married Elizabeth Jordan, and the couple had three children, a son and two daughters. The younger daughter, Sarah, was born on July 12, 1719. On December 21, 1738, she married Thomas Edes (1715-1794), a ship joiner, or carpenter, of Boston. They had ten children. Thomas Edes was one of the executors of Captain Larrabee’s will. An unusual feature of the portrait of Sarah Larrabee Edes is the evidence of significant changes in design, particularly in the position of the hands. Her proper right hand originally was painted as extending further into the lap, and her proper left hand, with its linen sleeve hanging downward, was raised toward her bosom, as though tucking a flower into the neckline, as in Robert Feke’s Mrs. James Bowdoin II, 1748 (Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine).

Notes from the Contributor: Painting by Joseph Badger (Museum: Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

"Portrait of Sarah Larrabee Even" is a masterpiece painted by the artist Joseph Badger in 1760. The version of the piece of art has the following size of 48 3/8 x 38 1/4 in (122,87 x 97,16 cm). Oil on canvas was applied by the painter as the technique for the masterpiece. Moveover, the artpiece belongs to the art collection of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is located in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. We are happy to mention that the masterpiece, which is in the public domain is being included with courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art ( creditline of the artpiece is: . Moreover, alignment of the digital reproduction is in portrait format with an image ratio of 3 : 4, meaning that the length is 25% shorter than the width.

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Artist summary

Name: Joseph Badger
Alternative names: Badger Joseph, Joseph Badger, Badger
Artist gender: male
Nationality: American
Professions of the artist: painter
Country: United States
Artist category: old master
Died at the age of: 57 years
Year born: 1708
City of birth: Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts, United States, neighborhood
Year died: 1765
Died in (place): Boston, Suffolk county, Massachusetts, United States

Structured artwork information

Painting title: "Portrait of Sarah Larrabee Even"
Classification: painting
Broad category: classic art
Century: 18th century
Artwork year: 1760
Approximate age of artwork: 260 years
Artwork original medium: oil on canvas
Artwork original dimensions: 48 3/8 x 38 1/4 in (122,87 x 97,16 cm)
Exhibited in: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Museum location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Website of the museum:
License type: public domain
Courtesy of: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (

About this item

Article type: art copy
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production method: digital printing
Production: produced in Germany
Type of stock: on demand
Product use: art collection (reproductions), wall décor
Alignment of the image: portrait format
Image aspect ratio: length to width 3 : 4
Interpretation: the length is 25% shorter than the width
Item material choices: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) size options: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Aluminium print size variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Picture frame: not included

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