Annibale Carracci, 1587 - The Crucifixion - fine art print

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Information about this article

This over 430 year old artwork was made by the artist Annibale Carracci. The 430 year old painting has the size - unframed: 81,5 x 61,5 cm (32 1/16 x 24 3/16 in) framed: 106 x 81,7 cm (41 3/4 x 32 3/16 in) and was manufactured with oil on canvas laid on panel. It forms part of the art collection of Yale University Art Gallery. With courtesy of - Yale University Art Gallery (license: public domain). Furthermore, the work of art has the following creditline: Gift of Richard L. Feigen, 1952 in honor of Laurence Kanter. Besides this, the alignment of the digital reproduction is in portrait format and has a side ratio of 1 : 1.4, which implies that the length is 29% shorter than the width. Annibale Carracci was a painter, graphic artist of Italian nationality, whose style can be classified as Baroque. The European painter lived for 49 years and was born in the year 1560 in Bologna, Bologna province, Emilia-Romagna, Italy and passed away in 1609 in Rome, Roma province, Lazio, Italy.

Structured artwork data

Title of the painting: "The Crucifixion"
Categorization of the artwork: painting
Art classification: classic art
Period: 16th century
Created: 1587
Artwork age: around 430 years
Medium of original artwork: oil on canvas laid on panel
Size of the original work of art: unframed: 81,5 x 61,5 cm (32 1/16 x 24 3/16 in) framed: 106 x 81,7 cm (41 3/4 x 32 3/16 in)
Museum / location: Yale University Art Gallery
Museum location: New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America
Available at:
Artwork license type: public domain
Courtesy of: Yale University Art Gallery
Creditline: Gift of Richard L. Feigen, 1952 in honor of Laurence Kanter

About this item

Print prodct: fine art print
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Manufacturing method: UV direct print
Product Origin: Germany
Stock type: on demand
Proposed product use: wall gallery, home design
Orientation of the image: portrait format
Image ratio: 1 : 1.4
Side ratio implication: the length is 29% shorter than the width
Available product fabrics: metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame): 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating): 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 50x70cm - 20x28"
Aluminium dibond print: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Picture frame: unframed art copy

Artist table

Artist name: Annibale Carracci
Other names: Han. Carrache, An. Carrcci, carracci anibale, Ann. Caracci, Anibale, Hannibal Carracci, [Annibale Carracci], caracci annibale, An. Carache, Annibale Carrache, Annibal Carraci, Anibale Carazza, Anibal Caraccioli, Anibale Carrazza, Anibale Carraccio, Hannibal Caratz, Anibal Carracci, Anibale Caracciolo, Carrache Annibal, Annibal Carrace, Annabal Carrats, Annibal Carracche, Ann Caracci, Annib. Caracci, Caraccio Hannib., Hanib. Caracci, Anibali Caracci, Annibal Carrage, Annibale Carrazza, Hannib. Caratzs, Hanibal Carache, an.le carracci, Annibale Carace, Annibale Caracciolo, Hanl. Carracci, Annibal Caratz, Anibale Carraciolo, Annibal Carraccio, Annibal Carachi, Annibal Carracci, ann., An Carracci, Guide Carrache, Annibal Carrats, Anibale Caraccia, H. Carrachi, Annabali Caracci, Annibala Carracci, Annibale Carraccioli, An. Caracci, Carraci Annibale, Annibali Caracci, Arnibal Caracci, Annibale, Annibal Caraggi, קאראצ'י אניבאלה, Hannibal Carache, H. Carats, Anibale Carazzi, H. Carraccio, Annibal Carrazza, Anibale Caraci, Annibal Caracci, Ann. Carrache, Anibale Caraccioli, Annival Carrache, gusto caraccesco, Han. Carats, carracci ann., Annibale Carracci, Ann: Carracci, Annibal Caracchi, Caracci H., Annibale Carazzi, Annibal Carrachi, Hannibal Carratz, Han. Caracche, An. Carrache, An. Carracci, Annibal Le Carrache, anib. carracci, Anibale Caraccio, Annib. Carracci, Ann Carrach, Han. Carrachi, Hannabal Carracci, Anib. Carraci, Hanibal Coraccius, A. Carratz, Annibal Caracciolo, Hannibal Carraccio, Anibale Caracci, Annibal Caraccioli, Anibal Carragge, Hanibal Crats, Hannibal Carrats, H. Carrache, Anibale Carraccia, Annib. Carrache, Le Guide Carache, Hannibal Carats, annibale Car., Anibal Caratz, Anibal Carasso maestro di Guido Reno, Anibal Carats, caracci a., Anibale Carracci, Annibale Caraccioli, Carracci Annibale, Annibal Caraccio, Ann. Carracci, annibale caracci pinx, Ann. Carache, Annibale Caraccio, Annibal Carrazzi, Anibal Carazzi, Hannib. Caraccio, Han. Caracci, Hannibal Carrache, Anibal Carrache, An. Caracca, An. Carraci, Anibal Carazza, Carracci Annibal, Hanibal Carraccii, Anibal, Carrache Annibal Bolog., Hanibal Caracci, Hannibal Caracci, Anibal Caraggi, Annibale Caraccia, Anni. Carracci, Annibale Caracci Bolognese, Annibale Caracon, Anibale Caraggi, Annibale Carazza, carracci a., carracci annibale, Annibale Caracci, An Carrats, Annibale Carraci, Annb. Caracci, An: Carracci, Annabal Carracts, Caracci Anibal Bolog., Hanibal Carraci, H Carrache, Carrache Annibal, Caracci Anib., Annibal Carats, Annibal Carrache Bolonais, Ann Carracci, Anival Caracio, Annibale Carracio, H. Caratz, Annibal Carache, H. Caracci, Annibal Carraccius, Annibal Cartocci, Hani Caragio, Annibale Carracci Bolognese, Annibal Caraz, H. Carracci, Anibal Corache, Han. Carrats, Hannibal Carauio, Annib. Carratz, Anibal Coraci, Han. Carracci, Hannibal Caraccio, Annibale Caracce, Anibal Caracci, H. Carrats, Crats, Annibale Carrazzi, Haunibal Caragio, Caracci Annibale, Annibal Carrache, Annibal Carazza, Anibal Carazio, Annibal Carazzi, Anni. Carrache, Carracci Annibal Bolog., Hannibal Carraggio, Anibal Carache, Annible Carrache, Anibal Caraggio, Harnwal Carazzi, Annib.e Carrazza, Hanibal Carats, Carrache Annibal Bolog, A. Carracho, Annibal Caratius, Ann. Car.
Artist gender: male
Nationality: Italian
Jobs: graphic artist, painter
Country of the artist: Italy
Artist classification: old master
Styles of the artist: Baroque
Died aged: 49 years
Born in the year: 1560
Town of birth: Bologna, Bologna province, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Year died: 1609
Died in (place): Rome, Roma province, Lazio, Italy

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