Cornelis Saftleven, 1663 - Satire on the trial of Johan van Oldenbarneveldt - fine art print

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General description by Rijksmuseum (© Copyright - Rijksmuseum - Rijksmuseum)

Satire on the trial of Johan van Barneveld. The country lawyer sitting on a bench surrounded by his judges in the form of different types of animals: Nicolaes Kromhout (elephant), Reynier Pauw (peacock), Henrick Essen Nicolaes de Voogt (lions), Hugo Muys Holy (tiger), Gerard Beuckels. van Santen (crocodile), Pieter Jansz. Schagen (violin-playing donkey with bagpipe music and a book), Aelbrecht Bruyning (dog), Adriaen Ploos (monkey with a weathercock or Easter palm leaf beetle) and Volkert Sloot (buck). Further, also a wolf, leopard, bear, foxes, cock, snake, goat, calf and to the right a few samples. In the background right, the gates of hell. On the wall a large wall chart and a white paper Trucidata Innocenta.

Structured details of the artwork

Name of the piece of art: "Satire on the trial of Johan van Oldenbarneveldt"
Artwork classification: painting
General term: classic art
Period: 17th century
Year: 1663
Artwork age: 350 years
Exhibited in: Rijksmuseum
Location of museum: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Museum website: Rijksmuseum
License type: public domain
Courtesy of: Rijksmuseum

Artist metadata table

Artist name: Cornelis Saftleven
Aliases: C. Saftlewen, Sagtleven, Kornelis Zagtleven, cornelis saftleben, Cornelius Sagtleven, Saght Leüen, cornelis saft leven, C. Zafftleeven, Saft-Leven, Satleven, cornelis saft-leven, Saft Leven, Zagt Leven, Sacklife, Cornelis Sagtleven, C. Zalftleven, Cornelius Zagtleven, Safftleven, Corn. Safftleven, C. Safleven, Saftleven, Cornelius Zaftleeven, Jagtleven Cornelis, C. Zaffleven, Corneille Sachtleven, Corneil Zaftleven, Sachleven Cornelis, Sachtleven Corn., cornelio satande vell, Satchleven, Cornelis Saftleven, saftleven cornelis, C. Zathleven, Zathleven Cornelis, Cornelis Jagtleven, Sachtlieven, C. Saghtlaven, C. Sagtleben, Zachtleven Cornelis, Cornelius Saftleven, Satchleven Cornelis, Saglewen, C. Zachtleven, Sachtleven, C. Saftleven, Sacht Leven Cornelis, Sachleven, Corneille Saft Leven, C. Saftleeven, Cornille Safft Leven, Saftleven Cornelis, Cornelius Zaftleven, Savetleven Cornelis, Saftleven Cornelius, Cornille Zacht-Leven, saftleven k., Sachtleeven, Saghtleven, C. Sagtleeven, Sacht Leven, C. Zagtleven, Cornel. Sachtleben, Saftleben, C. Zacht-Leven, Saftleven C., C. Saghtleven, Cornelius Sagtleben, Safftleben, Cornel. Zacht-leeven, Corneille Saeftleven, Saftleeven, Satcaleven, Satcaleven Cornelis, Corneille Zafleven, Sachtleven Cornelis, C. Saft Leven, Cornelius Zachtleven, Corneille Sagtleven, C Satchleven, Sagtleven Cornelis, Cornelis Sachtleven, C. Sachtleven, Savetleven, C. Safftleben, Cornelius Sachtleven, C. Satchleven, Sachleeven, C. Saghleven, Corneille Zachtleven, C. Zagtleeven, Zachtleven, Corn. Sagtleven, Corn. Sagtlewen, Corn. Zacht-leeven, Corn. Saftlewen, C. Zaftleeven, Corn. Sachtleven, Soft Life, Zaftléven, C: Saftleven, C. Sagtleven, Zatchleven, Kornelis Zachtleven, Cornelius Satchleven, Cornelius Saftleeven, Corn. Saghtleven, Corneille Saftleven, Corneille Zaftleven, C. Saftlven, Soft Laven, C. Zaftleven
Gender of the artist: male
Artist nationality: Dutch
Professions: painter
Country: the Netherlands
Artist classification: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Died aged: 74 years
Year born: 1607
Birthplace: Gorinchem, South Holland, Netherlands
Year of death: 1681
Died in (place): Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Product table

Print prodct: fine art reproduction
Method of reproduction: digital reproduction
Manufacturing method: digital printing (UV direct print)
Production: German-made
Type of stock: on demand
Intended usage: home décor, art print gallery
Artwork orientation: landscape format
Aspect ratio: (length : width) 1.4 : 1
Image ratio meaning: the length is 40% longer than the width
Materials you can choose from: canvas print, poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) variants: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 70x50cm - 28x20"
Dibond print (alumnium material): 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Frame: not available

Get your product material variant

For every product we offer different sizes and materials. The following sizes and materials are the options we offer you for individualization:

  • Printed acrylic glass: The print on acrylic glass, often labelled as a plexiglass print, will convert your original work of art into décor. In addition, the acrylic glass fine art print is a good alternative to canvas or aluminium dibond art prints. The work of art will be custom-made with modern UV print machines. With an acrylic glass fine art print contrasts and also artwork details will be identifiable with the help of the very subtle tonal gradation of the picture. Our acrylic glass protects your selected fine art print against sunlight and external influences for between 4 and six decades.
  • Aluminium dibond print: Aluminium Dibond prints are prints on metal with a true effect of depth, which creates a contemporary impression thanks to a surface , which is non-reflective. A direct Aluminium Dibond Print is the excellent introduction to fine art prints with alu. For your Print On Aluminum Dibond, we print your favorite artpiece onto the surface of the white-primed aluminum material. Colors are luminous and bright in the highest definition, the details are clear and crisp, and there’s a matte look you can literally feel. This UV print on aluminium is one of the most demanded entry-level products and is a stylish way to showcase art prints, because it puts all of the viewer’s attention on the replica of the artwork.
  • The canvas print: A canvas print, not to be mistaken with a painting on a canvas, is a digital copy printed from a UV direct printer. Further, a canvas makes a lively, warm ambience. Canvas prints are relatively low in weight. This means, it is quite simple to hang up the Canvas print without the support of extra wall-mounts. Because of thata canvas print is suited for all kinds of walls.
  • Printed poster (canvas material): A poster is a printed flat cotton canvas paper with a slightly roughened surface structure. Please keep in mind, that depending on the absolute size of the canvas poster print we add a white margin of approximately 2-6cm around the artwork, which facilitates the framing with your custom frame.

Information on the print product

Satire on the trial of Johan van Oldenbarneveldt was by Cornelis Saftleven. Nowadays, this artwork forms part of the Rijksmuseum's collection, which is the largest museum for Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day. With courtesy of Rijksmuseum (public domain).Besides, the artpiece has the creditline: . Besides this, the alignment of the digital reproduction is landscape and has a side ratio of 1.4 : 1, which implies that the length is 40% longer than the width. The painter Cornelis Saftleven was an artist, whose artistic style can mainly be attributed to Baroque. The European artist was born in the year 1607 in Gorinchem, South Holland, Netherlands and passed away at the age of 74 in 1681 in Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands.

Disclaimer: We try our utmost to describe our products as closely as possible and to display them visually on the respective product detail pages. However, the pigments of the print products and the print result may diverge slightly from the representation on the screen. Depending on the settings of your screen and the quality of the surface, not all colors can be printed as realistically as the digital version shown here. Given that the art reproductions are printed and processed manually, there might also be slight deviations in the size and exact position of the motif.

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