Melchior de Hondecoeter, 1680 - A Rooster and Turkey Fighting - fine art print

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This 17th century work of art was created by the male Dutch artist Melchior de Hondecoeter. The original measures the following dimensions: Framed: 164,5 x 193 x 10 cm (64 3/4 x 76 x 3 15/16 in); Unframed: 137,2 x 166,4 cm (54 x 65 1/2 in). Oil on canvas was used by the Dutch artist as the medium of the artwork. The original artwork is inscribed with the information: signed upper center: M C Hondecoeter. What is more, this artwork is part of the The Cleveland Museum of Art's art collection. With courtesy of: The Cleveland Museum of Art (public domain license). Creditline of the artwork: John L. Severance Fund. Moreover, alignment of the digital reproduction is in landscape format with a ratio of 1.2 : 1, which implies that the length is 20% longer than the width.

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About this product

Print prodct: art print
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production process: UV direct printing
Production: German-made
Type of stock: on demand
Intended product use: art print gallery, wall décor
Alignment: landscape format
Side ratio: length to width 1.2 : 1
Interpretation of the aspect ratio: the length is 20% longer than the width
Item material variants: metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) variants: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size options: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Aluminium print variants: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Frame: no frame

Details about the unique artwork

Title of the piece of art: "A Rooster and Turkey Fighting"
Artwork classification: painting
Generic term: classic art
Artwork century: 17th century
Created: 1680
Approximate age of artwork: 340 years old
Original medium: oil on canvas
Original dimensions: Framed: 164,5 x 193 x 10 cm (64 3/4 x 76 x 3 15/16 in); Unframed: 137,2 x 166,4 cm (54 x 65 1/2 in)
Signature: signed upper center: M C Hondecoeter
Museum: The Cleveland Museum of Art
Museum location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America
Museum website:
Artwork license type: public domain
Courtesy of: The Cleveland Museum of Art
Artwork creditline: John L. Severance Fund

Artist information table

Artist: Melchior de Hondecoeter
Alternative names: Melcher Hondekoeter, Honder-Koter, Honderkoetes, Melchior Honderkooter, Hondicueter, Hoondikooter, M. Hondekooter, M. d'Hondecoeter, Hundercutter, Hondekr, Mielchior Hondekocter, Hondicoeter, Melchior D Hondekoeter, Hondicoter, Hondicator, Hoondecooter, Hondikoter, Hoondekoeter, Hondikoeter, Hondecoeter Mechior, Hondicoote, Hondecoutre Melchior d', Hondekooter Melchior d', Hondicooter Melchior d', Hondecoeter Melchior d', Hondekoeter D', hondecoeter melchior d., Hondicooter, Melchior Hondecotre, Honder Kouter, Milchior Hondekoeter, Hondecoeter, Melchior Ondekoter, Honderkoeter, Hondikoetor, Melchior D' Hondecoeter, Hondecoeter Melchior, M. Hondekoeter, Handycoutre Melchior d', Melchior Hondekeoter, Hondercoter, Hondecoeter Melchior de, Melchior Hondekotter, Melchior Onderkoueter, Melchior Hondikoeter, Hondicuter Melchior d', Hondecoutre D', Honde Kooter, M. Hondekoetter, Hondicoeter Melchior d', Hondichooter, Hondekoote, Melch. Hondecoetter, Hondecooter, M. Hondikoeter, melch. d'hondecoeter, Honder Cottor, Mr. de Hondekoeter, Hundercoter, M. de hondecoeter, Hondekoeter Melchior d', Hondekoeter, Melchior de Hondeköter, M. D. Hondekoeter, Melchior Hondekooter, d'Hondecoeter Melchior, Hondekuter, Hondekooter, Hondekoeter Melchior, Handecoutre Melchior d', Hondecoeter D', Hondiscooter, Hondekoter Melchior de, Hondekoetor, Hondikaeter, Honder Coeter, Hondekoter Melchior d', Handekoeter, Hondecoeter M. d', Melchior de Hondekoeter, M. de Hondekoet, Honderkooter, M. Hondikooter, M. de Hondkoeter, Melchior Hœndekœter, Melchior de Hoendekoeter, Melchior Hondekaeter, de hondecoeter melchoir, Hondiköeter Melchior d', Hondecooler, Melchior Hondercotre, Hondicoater, Melchior Hondicooter, M: de Hondekoeter, M. de Hondeköter, Hondecoetter Melch., Hondikuter Melchior d', Hondikooter, Handycoutre, Hondicuter, Melchiren de Hondekoeter, Melch. Hondekoeter, Hondekouter, Hindicooter, Honderkoter, Hondicouter, Hondikoeten, Handecoutre, Hondekoote Melchior d', Hondekoeter Milchior, Handaguter, hondekoeter m. de, Hounder Kotter, Hondekoter, M. Hondecoeter, Hondicootor, De Hondecoeter Melchior, Hondikoetor Melchior d', Honder Koter, Hondekoeter Melchior de, Melchior Hondeköter, Melchior Hundekutter, הונדקטר מלכיור, Melchior Hondecoeter, Melchior Hondekoeter, hondecoeter melchior d', Melchior de Hondecoeter, Hondikuter, hondecoter melchior de, Honde Kooter Melchior d', hondekoeter m. de, Hondeckoter, Hondecooter Melchior de, Melchior Honde Koeter, Honderkoett, Eondekoeter Melchior de, M. Hondecooter, Hondecoutre Melchior de, Honder-Coters, Hondecuter, Hondikouter, Melchior d'Hondecoeter, M. D. Hondecoeter, Handekoeter Melchior d', D'Hondekoeter Melchior, Couter-Honder, Melchior Hondecœter, Hendekoeter, M. de Hondekoeter, Hondekotter, Hondikooter Melchior d', Houdekoeter, Honder Coote, Melchior d'Hondekoeter, Melchior d'Hondekoeber [Hondecoeter], Hondekoet Melchior de
Artist gender: male
Nationality: Dutch
Jobs of the artist: painter, animalier
Home country: the Netherlands
Artist category: old master
Lifespan: 59 years
Year of birth: 1636
Born in (place): Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands
Died in the year: 1695
Died in (place): Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

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Artwork depiction from The Cleveland Museum of Art website (© Copyright - by The Cleveland Museum of Art - The Cleveland Museum of Art)

One of the most fashionable artists of his time, Hondecoeter specialized in paintings of domestic and exotic birds, and other animals. Here the composition is enlivened by the swirl and excitement of the fighting rooster and turkey, set in a garden with classical architecture. A large picture like this must have been placed high over a fireplace in a rich Amsterdam house.

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