Adriaen van der Werff, 1699 - Self-portrait with the Portrait of his Wife, Margaretha - fine art print

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The classic art work of art was made by the male painter Adriaen van der Werff in 1699. Nowadays, the artwork is in the the collection of Rijksmuseum, which is the largest museum for Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages to the present day. With courtesy of - Rijksmuseum (public domain).: . What is more, the alignment is in portrait format and has an image ratio of 1 : 1.2, which implies that the length is 20% shorter than the width. Adriaen van der Werff was a architect, painter, sculptor, whose art style can be attributed mainly to Baroque. The Baroque artist lived for a total of 63 years, born in 1659 in South Holland, Netherlands and deceased in 1722.

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Item specs

Print categorization: fine art print
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production method: UV print / digital printing
Manufacturing: manufactured in Germany
Type of stock: production on demand
Proposed product use: wall picture, art collection (reproductions)
Orientation of the image: portrait format
Side ratio: 1 : 1.2 - (length : width)
Aspect ratio implication: the length is 20% shorter than the width
Product material choices: poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Poster print (canvas paper) options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Aluminium print: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Framing of the art reproduction: not included

Piece of art background information

Work of art title: "Self-portrait with the Portrait of his Wife, Margaretha"
Artwork categorization: painting
General term: classic art
Period: 17th century
Created in: 1699
Approximate age of artwork: more than 320 years old
Exhibited in: Rijksmuseum
Museum location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Available under: Rijksmuseum
License type: public domain
Courtesy of: Rijksmuseum

Background information about the artist

Name: Adriaen van der Werff
Also known as: Werff, Adrien Vander Werff, V.der Werff, Wanderff Adriaen, Ridder van der Werff, C. A. van der Werff, Le Chevalier Adrien Vander Werff, Vanderwerf, Ridder vander Werf, Adrien Vanderweerf, adraen v. d. werff, A.-D. Vanderneffe, Adrien van der Verf, Vander Warff, Cav. Vanderwerf, werff adriaen, den Ridder Adriaan vander Werf, C. Vandewerf, Vander Verf, Wanderverf Adriaen, A. V. D. Werf, Chevalier Van der Warf, den Ridder Vander Werff, adriaen van der werf, a. v. d. werff, Le Chevalier Vanderwerff, Wetff Adriaen van der, Wanderwerf, Werff Adrian Vander, Van der Werf Adriaen, A.D. Werf, A.V. Werff, A VanderWerff, den Ridder A. van der Werf, Adrien Van der Werf, Van der Werve Adriaen, Chev. Adrian van der Werff, Chevalier Vander Werff, werff a. van der, Le Ch. Adrien van der Werff, Ad. Van Derwerf, Van der Werf, V. de Wetff, adriaen van d. werff, Chev. V. Werf, van der Werft, adriaen v. d. werff, van der Verff, de Ridder vander Werf, Vander Veerf, Chev. van de Werff, C. Vander Werf, Wanderff, Le CH. Van der Werf, Vanderwerf Adrian, werff adrian van der, van d. Werf, V. der Werfe, Chevalier Vanderwerff, A. vander Werf, V. D. Werff, ad. v. d. werff, Adrian van der Werf, Adrian vander Werf, Ridder A. van der Werff, Adrien de Vert, Audrian Vanderwarf, Vandreverf, A. van der Werf, werff adriaan van der chevalier, Van-der-Verf, Vanderwergh Adriaen, Chevalier Adrian van der Werff, Venderwerf, Adrian van de Werff, Chevalier Vanderwerf, Van d. Werff, Vanderwerfe, D.V. Werff, Werff Adrian Vander Holl., Le Chevalier Vander Verf, Adrien Vanderwerff, v.d. Werff, Vander Vert, V. der Werf, Wanderwarf Adriaen, adrian von der werff, den Ridder van der Werff, Le Chevalier A. Van Der Werf, Chevalier van Dewerf, De Ridder van der Werf, A. Vanderverff, Ch. V. Warf, a. van d. werff, Chevelier Vanderwerf, von der Werft, Chevalier Vander Werf, Vanderverf, Adrian van der Werff, A. vande Werf, Adrien Vanderverf, Adr. Vanderwerf, Chevalier Vanderverff, Le Ch. van der Werff, Vanderverff, Adrien Van der Werff, Werfe, Wander Werff, Venderwerf Adriaen, V. de Werff, C. Vanderwerf, Chev. Van der Werf, Wanderwarf, Vander Werff Adriaen, Adrien van de Werf chevalier, Caval. Vanderwerff, Le chevalier A. Vander Werff, A. Vanderwerf, adriaen von der werff, Van Werff, adriaan van der werff, Chev. Van der Werff, Le Chevalier A. Vanderwerff, Chev. Vander Werff, Vanderwerff Adriaen, Wanderwerf Adriaen, Adrien Vander Weerf, Van der Werfft, A. Vanderwerff, V. der Werff, Chev. V. der Werff, Warf Adriaen van der, Adriaen van der Werff, Chevalier Van der Werff, Ritter van der Werff, Adrian Vanderwerf, v. der Werfft, Chevalier Vande Werf, van der Verf Adrien, Chev. V.D. Werff, V.D. Warf, V. D. Werf, von der Werff, Chevalier vander Verf, adr. v. d. werff, Vanderverffe Adriaen, Ad. Vander Werf, Werff Adriaan van der, Le Chevalier Vander-Werf, Werff Adriaen van der, Vanderwerfe Adriaen, Werfe Adriaen van der, Chevalier Van de Werff, Chevallier von der Werff, Van Der Verf, ad. van der werff, Adrien Vander Werf, Adrien Vander-Werf, Vander Werf Adriaen, Van der Werff Adriaen, Chevalier V.D. Warf, Chevalier Vandervef, Werf Adriaen van der, Adrien Vander Verf, den Ridder van der Werf, Van der Werff, Vanderwerff, Le Chevalier A. Vander Werf, Van der Werve, Adrien Vanderwerf, Wanderverf, Adrian van der Werft, Par le Chevalier van der Werff, Vander Werff, A. V. der Werff, Le Chevalier Van der Verf, Chevalier van der Werf, Vanderwergh, V.D. Werf, Chev. Vanderwerf, Ad. Vanderwerf, Le chevalier Van der Werff, A. van der Werff, den Ridder vander Werf, Vanderverffe, Chav. Vandewerf, Vander Werf, Adrien van der Wef, Le chevalier Adrien Vander Werf, Wanderverff, Vanderwerf Adriaen
Gender: male
Artist nationality: Dutch
Professions: sculptor, architect, painter
Country of origin: the Netherlands
Classification of the artist: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Died aged: 63 years
Born: 1659
Born in (place): South Holland, Netherlands
Died: 1722
Place of death: Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

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Around 1700, Adriaen van der Werff was the most celebrated Dutch painter. The German elector Johann Wilhelm von der Pfalz appointed him as his most highly paid court painter and presented him with a medallion bearing his portrait on a gold chain. Van der Werff here proudly displays his paintbrushes and palette, together with a gilt-framed portrait of his wife and daughter. The medallion hangs from his neck.

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