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Background information on the classic art artwork with the title "The Temptation of Saint Anthony"

In 1575 the artist Jan Brueghel the Elder painted the 16th century artpiece. The version of the work of art measures the size: 58,5 x 85,7 cm and was painted with the technique oil on panel. The artpiece forms part of the National Gallery of Art's digital art collection. We are happy to state that the public domain piece of art is being provided with courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington.: . Furthermore, alignment of the digital reproduction is in landscape format and has a ratio of 3 : 2, meaning that the length is 50% longer than the width. The artist, painter Jan Brueghel the Elder was a European artist, whose art style can mainly be classified as Baroque. The Belgian artist lived for a total of 57 years, born in 1568 in Brussels, Bruxelles region, Belgium and died in 1625.

Additional artwork information from National Gallery of Art (© Copyright - National Gallery of Art - National Gallery of Art)

Legends of Anthony Abbot relate how the pious early Christian, forsaking society, journeyed into the wilderness to seek God. Anthony appears twice in this painting; in his foreground retreat, he resists the Devil's manifold temptations. After failing to yield to the evil lures, he is shown again being physically tortured while carried aloft by demons. Yet, the saint was saved by the purity of his soul.

The religious subject is presented in a revolutionary fashion; generations of earlier artists had tended to treat landscape as an unobtrusive backdrop of secondary importance, whereas now the landscape dominates the subject to such an extent that the temptation of Saint Anthony seems only incidental. This change of emphasis marks an important advance toward the development of pure landscape painting, in which Pieter Bruegel the Elder was an instrumental figure. Already, that delight in the natural world is apparent here in the shadowy depths of leafy forests, contrasting with open vistas of waterways, villages, and towns bathed in pearly light.

Perhaps the juxtaposition of a peaceful landscape with the temptations and attacks of demons was a subtle statement by this Bruegel follower on the political and moral brutalities of his time. Possibly Saint Anthony is meant allegorically to represent Everyman caught up in a world gone mad.

More information on this painting can be found in the Gallery publication Early Netherlandish Painting, which is available as a free PDF

Work of art information

Title of the artpiece: "The Temptation of Saint Anthony"
Categorization: painting
Umbrella term: classic art
Artwork century: 16th century
Artwork year: 1575
Age of artwork: over 440 years old
Medium of original artwork: oil on panel
Original dimensions: 58,5 x 85,7 cm
Exhibited in: National Gallery of Art
Museum location: Washington D.C., United States of America
webpage: National Gallery of Art
Artwork license: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Art, Washington

About the artist

Artist name: Jan Brueghel the Elder
Also known as: Brueghel Jan I, Jean Breughel dit de Velours, Brueghel Jan 'Velvet', Jan (Velvet) Brueghel the Elder, Brughel, Johann Brueghell, Jean Breughel dit de Velours, Breugle, Breugal, Breigel, Brenghel, brugolo il vecchio, Brougle, O. Breughel, Giovanni di Brucolo, Van Breughel, Bruguel de la Voilure, Breugheul, Bereugal, J. Breugel-de-Velours, Bruyhelle, J. Breugel dit De Velours, Fluweelen Breugel, Vel. Brughell, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Sammit Breughel, Old Brueghel, Velvet Bruegel, de Fluwele Breugel, Breughel Jan the elder, jan breughel d. alt., johann breughel, Breughel Jean, John Brueghel Called Velvet Brueghel, Brucoli Jan il vecchio, Bruegel Jan I, Brugheal, J. Brueghel d. Ä., Breaghel de Volours, Breughel de Fluweele, Jean Breughels, Jan Breughel d. Ae. gen. Sammtbreughel, Breughel de Velours, the elder Breughel, Breughel dit Jean, Breugel Johan, Johann Brögel, Fluweele Breugel, j. breughel d. alt., J. Breughel de Velours, Breughel Jan d. Ä., Sammet-Breughel, Johannes Breugel, John Breughel called Velvet Breughel, den Fluweele Breugel, Ian Breugel, Brueghel Jan der Aeltere, Breugel de Velour, jan brueghel gen. sammet-brueghel, Breughil de Velours, Brugall, Brueghel, Flaelen Breugel, V. Brughels, Brueghel Jan d.Ä., Breugel dit De Velours, Breugel Joh., Flower Breughel, Brueghel Jan (The Elder), Jean Breughel dit Breughel de Velours, Briaghell Jan, Brucolo, J. Brughel, Johann Breughell genannt Blumen-Breughel, Brughel De Velours, den Fluwelen Breugel, John otherwise Velvet Breughel, den Ouden Breugel, Brenghell, Old Breughel, Brugo, Jean Breughel dit le Breughel de velours, Breugel dit : de Velours, jan breughel I, John Brueghel called Velvet Brueghel, Breughel Jan genannt Samtbreughel, Jan Breughel d. J., Breugel de Velours, Breughill, Breughel, Sammt=Breughel, Jean Breugel dit de Velours, Briaghell, Brueghel of Brussels, Velvet Breugel, Breugen, ברויגל יאן (וולווט) האב, Joh. Broegel, jan brueghel d. aelt., J. Brenghel, Jean Breughel de Velours, Sammet Breugel, Johann Brueghel, Jean Breughels dit de Velours, Brugel de Velours, de Fluwelen Breugel, Jean Breughel dit De Velour, V. Brughell, brueghel der altere, F. Breughel, Joh. Breughel, Giovan Breughel, J. Breughel dit De Velours, jan breughel d. a., Old Bruegal, Breugel Jan the elder, Jan Brueghel, Breugel de Vlours, F. Breugel, Breugel de Velleurs, Lavecio Breugel, jan brueghel der altere gen. sammetbrueghel, Fluweelen Breughel, Broghle de fleur, O. Brughael, Breughill de Velours, Le Breugle de Velours, jan brueghel d. a. gen. sammetbrueghel, van Brouel de folour, Breugel le vieux, jan bruegel d. a., Sammet Breughel, V. Brughel, Fluen Prôgel, Vel. Breughel, Brueghel Jan Der Ältere, Jean Breugel, Jean Breughel, Giovanni Breughel, Breugel den Ouden, fluwelen Breugel, Bruegel, Brucolo Jan, Breughel de Vel., P. Breugel de Velours, Breughell Jan, Broughel, Sammt Breughell, Bruegel Velvet, Brucoli vecchio, Giuseppe Buoccolo, Breugel dit Develour, Bruegel Jan der Ältere de Velours, Breughels, Brueghell, Breughel Jean dit de velours, Johann Breugel, Jean Breugel dit le Velours, Brenghels de Velours, Bruguel, Breugles de Velours, Jan of de Fluele Breugel, Breugel de Vloer, Jan Breughell, brueghel jan d. a., Breughel Jan I, Monsu Brugo Novecchio, old Brugell, Brugel de veleur, Breughael, den fluweelen Breugel, Brueghel Jan, Brueghel the Elder Jan, Velvet Brughell, J. Breughel, Johann Velvet Breughel, J. Bruegel, Jan Breugel den Ouden, jan brueghel d. alt., Blumenbrueghel, Breughi, Breughell, Breughel Jan der Ältere, Breugel Jan, Brugel de Velour, Brueghel de Paradis, Brueghall, Jean Bruguel dit de Velours, Jan Breugel, brueghel jan d. ae., Joh. Brueghel, Breughel de Veloure, Brucolo vecchio, Jan Breughel, Paradise Breughel, Bruegels, Breuchel de Velours, Brueghel Jan the elder, Brueghel Jan I, J. Breugel dit de Velours, jan breughel d.a., Jan Brueghel der Ältere, Breugle le Velours, gio. brughel fiamengo, Breugel de Velours, breughel jan, Brucolo padre, J. Breughel de Velours, Breugel de Vloin, jan breughel d. a. gen. sammetbreughel, Broeghel, Breugel. de Fluweele, Fruellen Brugell, Johann Breughel genannt Sammet Breughel, Velvet Brughle, O. Brughel, Brögel de Vel, Brughel dit de Velours, de F. Breugel, Brögel, J. Breughels dit de Velours, Breugel Jan I, Brughel de Velcouri, J. Brögel, V. Brueghel, Breugels de Velours, Fluelle Breugel, Brughill, Breughels van Velours, jan brueghel I, Velvet Breugle, Jan Brueghel d. Ae. Der sog. Samtbrueghel, Broeugel, jan brueghel d.a., Brengheel, Broeghel Jan, J. Breugel, Bruguel Jean dit de Velours, Velvet Brughel, Brughel de Vlour, jan bruegel, Sammet=Breughel, Jan Brugolo il Vecchio, Brueghel Jan Velvet, Jan Brueghel d. Ae. gen. Sammetbrueghel, Breughel the Old, Breughel dit de Velours, Breugle de Velours, I. Breugel, Brögeln, de fluweele Breugel, Brueghel de Velours, Breughel de Veloers, Breughall, Breugel dit de Velours, Gamle Breughel, Jean Breughel dit Breugle de Velours, Jan Brueghel D. A., Old Brughel, Velvet Brughel, Brughell, Breughel Jan d.Ä. gen. Samtbreughel, Jean Breughel dit de Velour, Old Breugel, Bruguel Paesista, Jean Brughel de Velours, Bhrueghel, Velvet Brueghal, Jean Breughel detto de Velours, Breugell de Velours, J. Breughel dit de Velours, de Fluweelen Breugel, jan brueghel gen. sammetbrueghel, Blumen Breugel, brueghel jan der altere, I. Breughel, Breughil, Old Brugel, Breugel Velvet Brueghel, Breughels De Velour, Breughal, John or Velvet Breughel, Brueghel dit de Velours, Johann genannt Blumen-Breughel, H. Breughel, Breughel padre, Brugolo vecchio, Velvet Brenghel, Breughel de Velours Jean, Breughel Jan d.Ä., J. Breughel le Pere, Breughel le Velours, Breughels dit de Velours, de fluele Breugel, Brugo Novecchio, Breughel Jan, Breughel de Velours, Brueghel dit de Velours, Le Vieux Breughel, Sam. Breughell, Flowellen Breughel, J. Breugel de Velours, T. Breugel, V. Breughel, Jann Brögel gen. van Vlour, Jan Brughel, Velvet Brueghel, Breugel den Fluweelen, Velvect Brueghel, Breughel Jan Samtbreughel, Johan. Breughel de Velours, Breugel de Veloure, Brueghel Jan (Velvet) the Elder, jan breughel der altere, Bregeln, Breugel dit de Velour, Brieughel, Gio. Breughel, Broegel, Jean Breughel de Velours, old Breughell, Bruegel Jan, the elder Brueghel, Bruegel Jan the Elder, Velvet Breughell, den oude van Breugel, Jan Breughel d. Ae., Breugle de Velour, jean breughel d. a., Jan I Brueghel, Jean Breugle, Breughal Jan, Old Brughell, Jan. Breughel, jan broughel d. a., Breughel de Velour, V. Breugel, fluwele Breugel, Jean Breugel dit de Velours, Breughels de Velours, John Brughel, Breugel de Vlours, Joh. Brögel, Sammel Breughel, Jean Breughel ou Breughel de Velours, Brughels de Velours, Briügel De Velours, le Brueghel de Velours, Old Braughel, Velvet Breughel, Joh. Breugel, Brug., Brueghel Velvet Brueghel, Brueghel d. Ä. Jan, Breughel dit de Velours, Breghel de Velour, Breughi Jan, fluele Breugel, J. Breugehl, brueghel jan d. a., Fruellen Brughel, Johann Velvet Breughel, Brogels, de Fluweele van Breugel, John Brueghel called the Old, Brughael, Breugel-de-Velours, Ver Brughell
Gender: male
Nationality: Belgian
Jobs: artist, painter
Country of origin: Belgium
Artist classification: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Age at death: 57 years
Birth year: 1568
Town of birth: Brussels, Bruxelles region, Belgium
Year died: 1625
Town of death: Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium

Your product material options

For every fine art print we offer a range of different materials and sizes. That is why, we allow you to choose among the following options:

  • Canvas: A printed canvas, which should not be mistaken with a canvas painting, is a digital copy printed on a UV direct printer. Also, a printed canvas produces a nice and pleasant feeling. A printed canvas of your favorite artwork will give you the unique chance of turning your art print into a large size artpiece. Hanging your canvas print: Canvas Prints have the advantage of being relatively low in weight. This means, it is easy and straightforward to hang up your Canvas print without extra wall-mounts. Hence, a canvas print is suited for all kinds of walls.
  • Printed poster (canvas material): A poster print is a UV printed sheet of flat canvas with a fine structure on the surface. It is particularly appropriate for placing the art replica with the help of a custom frame. Please bear in mind, that depending on the absolute size of the poster print we add a white margin between 2 - 6cm around the artwork in order to facilitate the framing with your custom frame.
  • Aluminium dibond (metal print): These are metal prints on alu dibond with an impressive effect of depth, which creates a contemporary look throuch a surface structure, which is non-reflective. The bright and white parts of the artpiece shine with a silky gloss, however without glow.
  • Printed acrylic glass (with real glass coating): An acrylic glass print, often denoted as a UV print on plexiglass, changes your favorite original into gorgeous home décor. What is more, the acrylic glass print is a good alternative to aluminium or canvas art prints.

The product specifications

Print prodct: fine art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Manufacturing method: UV direct printing
Product Origin: German production
Type of stock: on demand
Intended product use: wall decoration, home design
Orientation: landscape format
Image ratio: 3 : 2 - (length : width)
Image aspect ratio implication: the length is 50% longer than the width
Available reproduction fabrics: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) options: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31", 150x100cm - 59x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Poster print (canvas paper) size variants: 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Aluminium print variants: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Frame: without frame

Legal disclaimer: We try all that we can to depict the art products as precisely as possible and to exhibit them visually. Nonetheless, the colors of the print products and the printing can diverge slightly from the image on your monitor. Depending on the settings of your screen and the quality of the surface, colors may not be printed one hundret percent realistically. In view of the fact that all our fine art prints are printed and processed by hand, there might also be slight differences in the motif's size and exact position.

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