Jean-Paul Laurens, 1902 - Death Baudin - fine art print

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Details of the art product

The modern art piece of art was created by the painter Jean-Paul Laurens. The over 110 year old original version measures the dimensions of Height: 116,4 cm, Width: 81,7 cm. Oil, Canvas (material) was applied by the artist as the technique for the artpiece. The original artwork was inscribed with the following details: Signature - Bottom Right ", J.P. 1902 Laurens". Today, this artpiece can be viewed in in the art collection of Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House in Paris, France. With courtesy of Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House (license - public domain).: . On top of that, alignment is in portrait format with an image ratio of 1 : 1.4, which means that the length is 29% shorter than the width.

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About this product

Product categorization: art print
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production process: UV direct print (digital printing)
Origin of the product: German-made
Stock type: on demand production
Intended usage: wall picture, art collection (reproductions)
Alignment of the image: portrait format
Image aspect ratio: 1 : 1.4 - length : width
Interpretation: the length is 29% shorter than the width
Available product fabrics: metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) sizes: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Poster print (canvas paper): 50x70cm - 20x28"
Dibond print (alumnium material) size variants: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Picture frame: not available

Artpiece table

Artwork title: "Death Baudin"
Artwork categorization: painting
Art classification: modern art
Temporal classification: 20th century
Created in the year: 1902
Artwork age: over 110 years
Medium of original artwork: Oil, Canvas (material)
Size of the original artwork: Height: 116,4 cm, Width: 81,7 cm
Signature on artpiece: Signature - Bottom Right ", J.P. 1902 Laurens"
Museum: Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House
Place of museum: Paris, France
Available under:
License: public domain
Courtesy of: Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House

Background information about the artist

Artist: Jean-Paul Laurens
Jobs of the artist: painter
Classification of the artist: modern artist
Lifetime: 83 years
Year born: 1838
Place of birth: Fourquevaux
Died in the year: 1921
Deceased in (place): Paris

© Copyright - (Artprinta)

Artwork description from Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House (© - by Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House - Maison de Victor Hugo - Hauteville House)

Represents the death of MP Jean-Baptiste Baudin, December 3, 1851. This composition is related to the book of Victor Hugo's "Story of a Crime" second day "Fighting" Chapter III "The barricade Saint Antoine "resumes the one given by the artist to the volume in the illustration Hugues edition. It shows some variations: facade of the building in the left background, adding pavers on the barricade. it is the text: "At the moment some men in blouses, those that on December 10 had enlisted, appeared at the corner of Ste-Marguerite, close to the barricade, and shouted: Down with the twenty-five ! francs Baudin, who had already chosen his post and was standing on the barricade, stared at the men, and said: - You are going to see how we die for twenty-five francs "[...]" However! at the barricade there was concern, and wrapped seeing and wanting to help them, they fired a shot. it hit unfortunate rifle killed a soldier between Fleet and Schœlcher.L'officier commanding the second platoon attack happened near Schoelcher as the poor soldier fell Schœlcher showed the officer the man lying -. Lieutenant, voyez.L'officier answered with a gesture of despair: - What do you want us to do the two companies fought back? the shot with a volley and rushed to the assault of the barricade Leaving behind seven representatives amazed to still be vivants.La barricade replied with a volley, but she could not keep. It was emportée.Baudin was tué.Il remained standing in his battle space on the bus. Three bullets reached. One struck the bottom up to the right eye and penetrated the brain. He fell. He did not regain consciousness. Half an hour later he was dead. They carried his body to Saint Margaret Hospital. "

This painting is one of those controlled by various artists Paul Meurice for the museum's opening in 1903. Jean-Paul Laurens there again with some variations the figure he gave for the volume "History of a Crime "in Hugh edition, published in 1879.Jean-Paul Laurens announces the completion of the table in a letter to Paul Meurice, dated 21 janvie r1902. He was introduced from the opening snap of the museum in the hall of paintings on the first floor.

Baudin, Alphonse

History of a Crime (V.Hugo)

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