Luca Cambiaso, 1575 - Venus and Cupid - fine art print

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  • Canvas print: The canvas print is a printed cotton canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher. Your printed canvas of this masterpiece will provide you with the chance of turning your fine art print into a large size artpiece like you would see in a real gallery. Canvas prints are relatively low in weight, which implies that it is easy and straightforward to hang the Canvas print without the use of additional wall-mounts. A canvas print is suited for any kind of wall.
  • Aluminium dibond print: This is a metal print manufactured on aluminium dibond with a true effect of depth. The white and bright parts of the artwork shine with a silk gloss, however without glow. The colors of the print are bright and vivid, details appear clear and crisp, and there’s a matte appearance that you can literally feel. This direct UV print on Aluminum Dibond is one of the most popular entry-level products and is a contemporary way to display fine art prints, because it draws focus on the replica of the artwork.
  • Acrylic glass print: A glossy print on acrylic glass, which is often described as a an art print on plexiglass, will turn your favorite original into décor. Your favorite work of art is printed with the help of modern UV printing technology. It creates intense and stunning print colors.
  • The poster print (canvas material): The Artprinta poster print is a UV printed canvas paper with a granular texture on the surface. Please keep in mind, that depending on the size of the poster we add a white margin between 2 - 6cm around the painting in order to facilitate the framing with your custom frame.

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The classic art work of art was painted by the male Italian artist Luca Cambiaso. The original was made with the size of 107,5 × 95,7 cm (42 3/8 × 37 5/8 in). Oil on canvas was applied by the painter as the medium of the painting. This artwork is part of the collection of Art Institute Chicago. This classic art public domain masterpiece is provided with courtesy of Art Institute Chicago. : A. A. Munger Collection. What is more, the alignment is portrait with a ratio of 1 : 1.2, which implies that the length is 20% shorter than the width. Luca Cambiaso was a painter from Italy, whose artistic style was primarily Mannerism. The Italian artist was born in 1527 in Moneglia, Genova province, Liguria, Italy and died at the age of 58 in 1585 in Madrid, Madrid province, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain.

Background information about the artpiece

Artpiece title: "Venus and Cupid"
Classification: painting
Broad category: classic art
Artwork century: 16th century
Artpiece year: 1575
Artwork age: 440 years
Medium of original artwork: oil on canvas
Original artwork dimensions: 107,5 × 95,7 cm (42 3/8 × 37 5/8 in)
Museum / collection: Art Institute Chicago
Place of the museum: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Museum's webpage: Art Institute Chicago
License type: public domain
Courtesy of: Art Institute Chicago
Artwork creditline: A. A. Munger Collection

About this article

Print prodct: fine art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production technique: UV direct printing (digital print)
Manufacturing: produced in Germany
Type of stock: on demand production
Intended product use: art reproduction gallery, wall picture
Alignment: portrait alignment
Aspect ratio: 1 : 1.2
Image aspect ratio interpretation: the length is 20% shorter than the width
Materials you can select: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) sizes: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47", 150x180cm - 59x71"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) variants: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47", 150x180cm - 59x71"
Poster print (canvas paper) size variants: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material) options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Art print framing: please note that this product is not framed

Artist overview

Artist name: Luca Cambiaso
Additional names: Luc Cangiage, Cangiagio jun., Luca Cambiaso d. J., Luca Cangiasi, Cangiaso Luca, cangiasio, Cambiaggio, Cambiaso Luca, Luca Cangiani, Luca da Genova, Cangiago Luca, la Cangiagge, Lucchetta da Genova, Luca, Luca Cangiagi, Lucas Cangrio, Luca Cangiassi genovese, L. Cambicasi, Lucas Cambiasi, Cambiaggio Luca, Luca Cangasio, Luca Cambiasi dit Cangiage, Cangiassi, Luc Cambiasi, Lucca Cangiagio, Cangiaso, Luca Cangiatio, Cangiaschi, Lucas Cangiage, Cangisge, Cangiaso Luqueto, Cambiaso Luchetto, Lucas Cambinsi dit Le Cangiage, Luca di Genova, Cambiagio Luca, Luca Cangiasio, luca canyaso, Cangiaci, Candjiage, Le Cangiage, Lucas Cangiagio, Lucas Canyaso, Luca Cambiasio, Cambiasso, Luca Cangiasio Genovese, Luqueto, Cambioso, Cangiase, cambiaso luca, Cangiassi Luca, Cambiaso R., Cangiagi, Lucas Cangiagi, Cangiage, Luca Cambiaggio, Cangiage Luca, Cambiaso Luqueto, Luquetto, Luca Cangiasso, Luca Cangiati, Lucas Cangiage ou Cambiasi, Cangiase Luca, קמביאסו לוקה, Luchetto, Luca Cagnacci, Cambiaso, Luca Cambiasi, Cangiago, Luca Cangiaso, Cangiasi Luca, L. Cangiage, L. Cambagio, L. Cangiari, Lucca da Genova, Cangiasso, Congagio, luga cambiaso, Luca Cambiassi, Lucas Canyasso, L. Cambiagio, Luca Cangiali, Annibale Luca Cangiagio, Cambiasi, Luca Cangiano, Lucas de Genova, cambiaso l., Cambiasco Luca, Cambiazo, Cangiagio Luca, Cangiasio Luca, Cangaige, L. Cangiagio, la Cangiage, Cangiaso Luchetto, Cangiagi Luca, Lucas Cambiasi dit Le Cangiage, Lucas Cambiaso, luga cambioso, Luca Cangiagio, Luca Cangiassi, Cangiasi, L. Cangiagi, Cambiagio, Luca Cambiaso, Cangiagio, luca gambiaso, Camasi, Luca Cangiaschi, Luca Cangiaso Genovese, Cambiasi Luca, Cangiaci Luca, Luca Cangiagio or Cambiasi, L. Cambiasi
Gender: male
Nationality of artist: Italian
Professions: painter
Country of origin: Italy
Classification: old master
Styles of the artist: Mannerism
Age at death: 58 years
Year born: 1527
Place of birth: Moneglia, Genova province, Liguria, Italy
Died: 1585
Town of death: Madrid, Madrid province, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

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