Paolo Veronese, 1570 - Mars and Venus United by Love - fine art print

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In this visually opulent and sensual painting, Cupid binds Mars (the god of war) to Venus with a love knot. It celebrates the civilizing and nurturing effects of love, as milk flows from Venus’s breast and Mars’s warhorse is restrained. By 1621 the painting was owned by Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, along with other mythological works by the artist (two are in the Frick Collection, New York), but its original owner is unknown. A masterpiece of light and color, works such as this had an enduring impact on later artists including Velázquez and Giambattista Tiepolo.

General article specifications

This over 450 year-old painting was created by the artist Paolo Veronese. The original has the size: 81 x 63 3/8 in (205,7 x 161 cm) and was manufactured with oil on canvas. Nowadays, this work of art can be viewed in in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art's art collection in New York City, New York, United States of America. With courtesy of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, John Stewart Kennedy Fund, 1910 (public domain). : John Stewart Kennedy Fund, 1910. What is more, the alignment is portrait with a ratio of 3 : 4, which means that the length is 25% shorter than the width. Paolo Veronese was a painter of Italian nationality, whose artistic style can primarily be classified as Mannerism. The European painter was born in the year 1528 in Verona, Verona province, Veneto, Italy and died at the age of 60 in 1588.

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Artist summary

Name: Paolo Veronese
Also known as: Paulo Veronesa, paulo berones, P. Verenese, Poulo Veronese, Veronesa, Pablo Baronis, paolo caliari genannt paolo veronese, Paolo Vero, Paolo Caliari detto Paolo Veronese, Verronese, Paolo Caliari gen. Veronese, Paolo Cagliari called Paolo Veronese, Paul Veronesse, Paolo Caliari Genannt Veronese, Verones, Paolo Caliari gen. Veronese, Paul Veronesa, Paul Cagliari dit Paul Veronese, Paulo Caliari Veronese, Paolo Verones, Paolo di Gabriele, Paul Beronese, Paolo Véronèse, Pauolo Veronese, Pa.o Veron., Pablo de Berona, Paolo V., Paulo Veron.e, Paul-Véronese., P Veronese, caliari paolo gen. veronese, Paolo Vennese, Pavol Veronese, Cagliari called P. Veronese, Paulo Veroneeze, Caliari Paolo, Paulo Veronees, Paolo Calliari Veronese, Paul Caliari dit Véroneze, veronese paul, Paolo Veronesi, paolo caliari veronese, Paulus Caliari Veronese, Paulveroneze, Paul Veronis, Poul Veronese, P. Veroness, Paul Caliari dit Véronese, Paul. Veronese, Paolo Cagliari detto Paolo Veronese, Paulo Veronnes, Pablo Vironeus, veronese p. c., paolo veronese eigentl. caliari, Paolo da' Verona, Calliari dit Paul Véronese, P. Veroneèse, P. Veronees, P. Verronese, Veronese, Paule Veronese, Pavolo, Veronese Paul de, P. Voronese, Paulo Cagliari genoemd Veronese, Palo. Veronesse, Veronese Il, Paul Veroniensus, Paolo Cagliri dit Paul Véronese, Veronese Paolo Calliari Ven., Paul Caliari, Pa.o Veroneus, Paul Calliari de Veronne dit Paul Véronese, Paolo Caliari il Veronese, Veronese Paolo Calliari, Paul de Vernese, p. cagliari gen. veronese, pennello veronese, Paulo Verronys, Paolo Cagliari called Veronese, Cagliari Paolo, Pablo Beronis, Cagliari dit Paul Véronèse, Paolo Caliari Veronese, Paolo Caliati Veronese, Paul Calliari de Verone connu sous le nom de Paul Veronese, Veronese Paolo Cagliari, Paul Veronneze, Paulo Weronese, P. Verones, P. Veronesi, Paolo Caliari, P. Veronnesce, P.o Pablo berones, Caliari dit Paul Véronèse, Paul de Veronese, Berones, veronese paolo eigentl. paolo caliari, Paolo Caliari gen. Veronesi, Paulo Veronese, Paolo Varonese, Veronesse, Paolo Cagliari gen. Veronese, Paulo Veroneso, Pavolo Veronese, Paul Caliari Veronese, Veroneze Paolo, Paul Veronnese, Paulo Veroneese, Pablo Veroneus, Pa.o Vironeus, Paul Caliare von Verone, Pau. Veronese, Paulo Veroneze, P. Veronete, Paul Calliari de Vérone dit Paul Véronese, Polo Veronese, Le Paul Véronèse, Paul Verones, Paul Veroneese, Paolo Veronees, Paulo birones, Paul Veronesi, Paolo Verone, Paolo da Verona, Veroneze, Paolo Veronse, P. Veronesse, Paulo, Paul Vernese, Paolo Vironeus, Veronese P., Paul Calliari de Verone Dit Paul Veroneze, Paul Calliari de Veronne, Paul Veroneze, P. Veronese, Paul. Caliarri Veronese, Cagliari, Pablo Beronès, Caliari Paolo detto il Veronese, P. Veronse, Paul Veronese, Paul Voronese, Paolo Cagliari, Caliari Paolo, P. Veroneze, veronese p., Paul Cagliari, Paul Cagliari genannt Veronese, Paul Calliari de Vérone dit Paul Véronese, Paolo Cagliati detto il Veronese, paulo veronesi, Veronese Paolo gen. Caliari, Paul Calliari dit Paul Veronese, Caliari Paul Veronese, Veronese Paolo, Veronese Paolo Cagliari known as, Paul Veronees, Pablo Verones, Pablo Barones, P. van Roneese, paolo cagliari gen. veronese, Veronese (Paolo Caliari), F. Cagliari, Paul Véronise, Paul Veroneso, Veronese Paolo Caliari
Artist gender: male
Nationality of artist: Italian
Professions: painter
Home country: Italy
Artist category: old master
Art styles: Mannerism
Died at the age of: 60 years
Birth year: 1528
Birthplace: Verona, Verona province, Veneto, Italy
Died: 1588
Place of death: Venice, Venezia province, Veneto, Italy

Structured artwork information

Work of art title: "Mars and Venus United by Love"
Categorization: painting
Category: classic art
Century: 16th century
Created in the year: 1570
Artwork age: more than 450 years
Medium of original artwork: oil on canvas
Original dimensions: 81 x 63 3/8 in (205,7 x 161 cm)
Exhibited in: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum location: New York City, New York, United States of America
Museum's web page:
Artwork license: public domain
Courtesy of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, John Stewart Kennedy Fund, 1910
Creditline: John Stewart Kennedy Fund, 1910

About this article

Article type: art print
Method of reproduction: digital reproduction
Manufacturing process: UV direct print
Manufacturing: manufactured in Germany
Stock type: production on demand
Intended usage: home design, home décor
Orientation of the image: portrait alignment
Image aspect ratio: length : width - 3 : 4
Meaning: the length is 25% shorter than the width
Materials you can choose from: poster print (canvas paper), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47", 120x160cm - 47x63"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) sizes: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Poster print (canvas paper): 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material) variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Frame: unframed art copy

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