Jan Fyt - Still Life of Abundant Game - fine art print

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Original artwork specifications from Nationalmuseum Stockholm (© Copyright - Nationalmuseum Stockholm - Nationalmuseum Stockholm)

English: Hunting has always been a prestigious pastime and already in the sixteenth century large paintings with hunting motifs became common in the dining halls and galleries of palaces. In Flanders there were particularly many painters who specialized in hunting still lifes. These paintings are different from other still lifes in that they do not contain so much hidden symbolism. Dead animals have been arranged together with hunting dogs and rifles and are depicted in great detail, so that it feels like one is standing right in front of the motif. Att jaga har alltid varit en prestigefylld syssla och redan på 1500-talet blev det vanligt med stora målningar med jaktmotiv i palatsens matsalar eller gallerier. Särskilt i Flandern specialiserade sig många konstnärer på jaktstilleben. Dessa målningar skiljer sig från andra stilleben då här inte finns så mycket dold symbolik. Döda djur har arrangerats tillsammans med jakthundar och bössor och avbildats med stor detaljrikedom, så att det känns som om man står direkt inför motivet.

Description of this artwork from the Dutch artist named Jan Fyt

The painting Still Life of Abundant Game was created by the male painter Jan Fyt. The painting measures the size: Height: 183 cm (72 ″); Width: 214 cm (84,2 ″) Framed: Height: 213 cm (83,8 ″); Width: 244 cm (96 ″); Depth: 12 cm (4,7 ″) and was produced with the medium oil on canvas. The piece of art forms part of the Nationalmuseum Stockholm's digital art collection. With courtesy of - Nationalmuseum Stockholm & Wikimedia Commons (license: public domain).Also, the artpiece has the following creditline: . Moreover, alignment of the digital reproduction is landscape and has an aspect ratio of 1.2 : 1, which means that the length is 20% longer than the width. The painter Jan Fyt was an artist, whose style can be attributed primarily to Baroque. The Dutch painter lived for a total of 50 years - born in 1611 in Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium and died in the year 1661.

Details about the work of art

Work of art name: "Still Life of Abundant Game"
Artwork classification: painting
Painted on: oil on canvas
Original size: Height: 183 cm (72 ″); Width: 214 cm (84,2 ″) Framed: Height: 213 cm (83,8 ″); Width: 244 cm (96 ″); Depth: 12 cm (4,7 ″)
Museum / collection: Nationalmuseum Stockholm
Location of the museum: Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Museum's webpage: www.nationalmuseum.se
License of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: Nationalmuseum Stockholm & Wikimedia Commons

The product

Article classification: fine art reproduction
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production technique: UV print / digital printing
Production: Germany
Stock type: production on demand
Intended product use: wall picture, wall gallery
Alignment of the image: landscape alignment
Side ratio: 1.2 : 1
Side ratio meaning: the length is 20% longer than the width
Product material choices: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) variants: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating): 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Aluminium print options: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Frame: not included

Background information about the artist

Artist name: Jan Fyt
Alias names: fyt jean, Johann Füt, Feijt, Fyt Jan, Fijt Joannes, Feijt Jan, jan fyth, Joan Tyth, Fytt, Fyt Joannes, Johannes Fyt, Joh. Tyt, Byt, Johann Feyt, Jan Fytt, Jan Feyt, J. Fyt, Joh. Feyt, J. Fyte, Joannes Fyt, I. Feyt, Fyt, Feith, J.v. Feyt, Fijt, Jan Fyt, Fytte, Fyet, Johann Fyt, J. Fayt, Fayt, Jean Fyt, Fet, F. Feyt, Feitt, J. Fytt, Fyte Jan, Joanes, Joh Fyt, Fyth Jan, Joh. Fyt, Fet Jan, Juan esfelt, Fytt Jan, Styt, Feyt, Jean Veit, Jean Fytt, Veith, Ju. o feitto, Fyte, Fyth, Juan Fit, Veyt, John Fytt, Teyt, Giovanni Fyt, J. Veit, Jean Fayt, Jan Fijt, Fijt Jan, J. Feyt, Jean Feyt, Joh. Füt, Joannes, J. Fitt, jean fijit, fit, Giovanni Fytt, Johannis Fyd, Fite, Flyet, Feit, I. Fyt, Feut, Veit, Fayat, Foite, Ju.o feitto
Gender: male
Artist nationality: Dutch
Professions: painter
Country of the artist: the Netherlands
Art styles: Baroque
Died aged: 50 years
Year born: 1611
Hometown: Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium
Died: 1661
Died in (place): Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium

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