Jacob Philipp Hackert, 1783 - The Temple of Hercules in Cori near Velletri - fine art print

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General description as provided by the museum (© - The J. Paul Getty Museum - The J. Paul Getty Museum)

Jakob Philip Hackert achieved international recognition with his highly finished Italian landscapes, which ally the classical ideal with topographical and archaeological accuracy. Goethe, his friend and biographer, praised the "sureness and clarity" of his drawings.

Using the opaque medium of gouache, Hackert made the irregular walls and weathered surfaces of this Roman temple, southeast of Rome, almost tangible. The diagonal composition leads the gaze to the right, thereby inviting us on a journey. Hackert probably captured this view on his way to or from Naples, where he was employed at the local court.

Details of this product

In 1783 Jacob Philipp Hackert made this artwork. The work of art is part of the digital art collection of The J. Paul Getty Museum. The public domain artwork is provided with courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum.The creditline of the artwork is the following: . The alignment is in landscape format and has an image ratio of 4 : 3, which implies that the length is 33% longer than the width. Jacob Philipp Hackert was a painter from Germany, whose art style was mainly Classicism. The Classicist painter was born in 1737 in Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany and died at the age of 70 in the year 1807 in San Piero di Careggio in Florence, Tuscany.

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Structured artist information

Name of the artist: Jacob Philipp Hackert
Alternative names: Ph. Hackert, Hackaert Philipp, hackert philipp, j. p. hackert, Jacques Philippe Hackert, Hackaert Phil., J.P. Hackhert, Old Hackert, J. P. Hackaert, Hackart Philipp, Peter Hackert, Jacob Philipp Hackert, Phil. Hackaert, johann philipp hackert, Philipp Hackart, Ph. Hakkert, Hackert Jacob Philipp, Hackert Philipp Jacob, Hackaert of Naples, friedrich hackert, J.P. Hackert, F. Hackaert, Hackert Philipp, Hackert Phil., Jakob Philipp Hackert, Hackaert, Hackert Philipp the Younger, Hackert d'Italie, philipp j. hackert, J. Philipp Hackert, Jac. Phil. Hackert von Berlin, Jacob Philipp Hackhaert, Philipp Hackert the younger, Jac. Ph. Hackert, Jacq. Phil. Hackert, Hackart of Rome, Philip Hakkert, Filippo Huckert, Hackert Jakob Philipp, Hackhaert Philipp, Hackhaert, Hackert J. Ph., Jacques-Philippe Hackert, Jacob Philipp Hackaert, Joh. Philipp Hackert, Filippo Stacust, Hackert Ph., Hackert Johann Philipp, Hachert, Philip Hackert, P. Hackart, Hackert Jac. Philipp, jac. phil. hackert, Filippo Hackert, Jean-Philippe Hacquart, Hackert J. Phil., Philipp Jacob Hackert, Hackert Jacob Philipp, Hackert, Filippo Hacart, Hackert Peter, J. Ph. Hackert, Jacob Philipp Hackaert of Naples, Philipp Hackert, P. Hackert
Gender: male
Nationality of artist: German
Professions: painter
Home country: Germany
Artist classification: old master
Art styles: Classicism
Died at the age of: 70 years
Born in the year: 1737
Place of birth: Prenzlau, Brandenburg, Germany
Died: 1807
Place of death: San Piero di Careggio in Florence, Tuscany

Piece of art specs

Painting title: "The Temple of Hercules in Cori near Velletri"
Artwork classification: painting
Category: classic art
Temporal classification: 18th century
Created in: 1783
Approximate age of artwork: 230 years
Museum / location: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Place of the museum: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Museum website: www.getty.edu
License: public domain
Courtesy of: The J. Paul Getty Museum

Item table

Print categorization: fine art print
Method of reproduction: reproduction in digital format
Production process: UV direct printing
Manufacturing: German-made
Stock type: production on demand
Product use: art print gallery, gallery wall
Alignment of the artwork: landscape alignment
Side ratio: 4 : 3
Interpretation: the length is 33% longer than the width
Available variants: poster print (canvas paper), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame): 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35", 160x120cm - 63x47"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size variants: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35", 160x120cm - 63x47"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Aluminium dibond print sizes: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Framing of the art reproduction: not available

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