Hans Makart, 1874 - Bacchus and Ariadne - fine art print

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Additional information on the original artwork by Belvedere (© - Belvedere - Belvedere)

The exact title should read: "The Marriage of Bacchus and Ariadne auf Naxos". Most in the literature because the first version of the name is to find "The Triumph of Ariadne". "Hans Makart had to paint the curtain for the newly opened in Vienna comic opera, and the delightful composition that he chosen the same as an ornament, a Bacchantenzug was seen during the last months in the studio of the master. But the effect of the curtain was tested in the new theater building, it was found that the, as usual, did not possess in oleic place in glue or wax colors painted picture the sufficient brightness and that even the disturbing gloss is not to eliminate: and so Makart decided because withdraw quickly the curtain and, once again perform in wax color, a previously common technique he. we hear that the first image has already found another provision. the comic opera is content for the moment with the intermediate curtain. " (Anonymous, Art News, 02.13.1874). The new curtain was never executed. The opening of the "Komische Oper" was held on 17.01.1874. As "Ringtheater" she fell victim to a devastating fire on 08/12/1881. The comparison with the made-to-the picture in the first state photogravure shows the profound part changes, carried out the Makart after the withdrawal: He not only corrected details, but also added figures added (Bacchus, satyrs on the right edge, putting next to the tigers figure in the forest clearing), worked to background landscape and sky and brought a change in the weight distribution in the composition cause. To mark an X-ray examination, the Bundesdenkmalamt Vienna conducted in 1961, the overpainting could not be found. The design (see. Frodl, Makart, 2013, cat. No. 243) is closer to nature, the first state. The sketch in Amiens (see. Frodl, Makart, 2013, cat. No. 240) belongs to an even earlier stage of development of "Bacchus and Ariadne". See. Curtain design in the Austrian Gallery, inv 207b (see FIG. Frodl, Makart 2013, cat. No. 241). - pencil sketch, Vienna, Albertina Graphic Arts Collection, Inv 5848 (15.5 x 19.7 cm). - St. Poelten, Lower Austria State Museum, inv 3280 (12.3 x 15.1 cm) and Inv 3264 (20.1 x 27.4 cm). [See. Frodl, Makart, 2013, cat. No. 244]

In 1874 the male painter Hans Makart painted the artpiece. The original was made with the absolute size: 476 x 784 cm crate Dimensions: 167 x 565 x 140 cm. Oil on canvas was applied by the Austrian painter as the technique for the work of art. The artpiece is included in the digital art collection of Belvedere, which is one of Europe's most famous museums with three locations that blends the experience of architecture and art in a unique way. With courtesy of - © Belvedere, Vienna, inventory number: 2097 (licensed - public domain). Moreover, the work of art has the following creditline: transfer from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna in 1921. On top of that, alignment is in landscape format and has a side ratio of 16 : 9, meaning that the length is 78% longer than the width. Hans Makart was a male painter, whose artistic style can be attributed primarily to Historicism. The Austrian painter was born in the year 1840 in Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria and deceased at the age of 44 in the year 1884.

Structured information on the work of art

Name of the artwork: "Bacchus and Ariadne"
Classification of the artpiece: painting
Art categorization: modern art
Century: 19th century
Year of creation: 1874
Artwork age: around 140 years
Original medium of artwork: oil on canvas
Size of the original artwork: 476 x 784 cm crate Dimensions: 167 x 565 x 140 cm
Museum: Belvedere
Museum location: Vienna, Austria
Museum website: Belvedere
License: public domain
Courtesy of: © Belvedere, Vienna, inventory number: 2097
Artwork creditline: transfer from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna in 1921

Product specs

Product categorization: art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production process: UV direct printing (digital print)
Provenance: German-made
Stock type: on demand
Intended product use: wall picture, art collection (reproductions)
Artwork alignment: landscape format
Image aspect ratio: 16 : 9 (length : width)
Aspect ratio implication: the length is 78% longer than the width
Fabric choices: metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) sizes: 90x50cm - 35x20", 180x100cm - 71x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size variants: 90x50cm - 35x20", 180x100cm - 71x39"
Poster print (canvas paper) variants: 90x50cm - 35x20"
Aluminium print (aluminium dibond material) variants: 90x50cm - 35x20"
Framing of the art reproduction: unframed art copy

Artist overview table

Artist: Hans Makart
Also known as: makart h., makart hans, hans markart, Makart Johann Ferdinand Apollonius, makart hans von, Hans Makart, hans makart von wagner, makart n., H. Makart, hans makarts, hans von makart, makart h., Makart, hans makert, Makart Johann Evangelist Ferdinand Appolinaris, Makart Hans, Hans v. Makart, h. v. makart, hans mackart
Gender: male
Nationality: Austrian
Jobs of the artist: painter
Country of origin: Austria
Classification: modern artist
Styles: Historicism
Died aged: 44 years
Birth year: 1840
Birthplace: Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
Year died: 1884
Deceased in (place): Vienna, Vienna state, Austria

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