Hans Rottenhammer I, 1604 - Venus and Mars - fine art print

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Venus and Mars was by the male German artist Hans Rottenhammer I. Furthermore, this artpiece belongs to the Rijksmuseum's digital art collection located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. With courtesy of - Rijksmuseum (license: public domain).Creditline of the artwork: . Besides this, the alignment is landscape with an aspect ratio of 4 : 3, which means that the length is 33% longer than the width. The painter Hans Rottenhammer I was an artist from Germany, whose art style can be classified as Mannerism. The German painter lived for a total of 61 years and was born in 1564 and deceased in 1625.

Additional description by the museum's website (© - by Rijksmuseum - Rijksmuseum)

Venus and Mars sat on a couch, Mars is disarmed by Cupid. Left two maidservants, one with a plate of food, the other holds the curtain. Bottom left a child with a glass of wine in the background ruins and the forge of Vulcan.

Artpiece specs

Name of the artpiece: "Venus and Mars"
Categorization: painting
Broad category: classic art
Time: 17th century
Created in: 1604
Approximate age of artwork: around 410 years old
Museum / collection: Rijksmuseum
Place of museum: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Available at: www.rijksmuseum.nl
License of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: Rijksmuseum

Artist table

Name: Hans Rottenhammer I
Also known as: Rotenhamen, Jean Rotenhamer, Rothamer Hans, Rotnamur, rottenhammer h., I. Rottenhammer, Rotenhaemaer, rottenhammer jos., Rotthamer, Rotenhamen Hans, Johannes Rottenhammer, Rostenhamer, J. Rottenamer, Rotenhamher, Rotterhamer, Jo. Rothenamer, Hans Rottenhaimer, Roterhaemer, Rotterhamer Johann, Rottenamber, Rättenhamer Hans, G. Rottenhaemer, J. Rothenamer, Rothenhammer Hans, Rotnhamer Hans I, Johann Rottenhamer, Hans I Rottenhammer, Rottenhamer John, Rothamer Hans I, johann rottenhammer, Rothonhamer, Tottenhamer Hans I, Rotenhaemer Hans, Joh. Rodenhammer, Rottenaemer, Rotenhamher Hans, Rottehamer Hans, Rottenhammer Hans I, Rothenhamer, Rottenkamma Johann, Rotthamer Johann, Rotten Hammer Hans, Rottenhaemer, Rotnanhamer, Rothenhammer, H. Bottenhamer, Rotnhamer Hans I, Rottenhaamer, Rothamer, Ruttnhamer Hans I, Rottenghamer Hans, Jean Rotthenhamer, Rottenkamma, Rottenhammer Hans, Rottenhamer, Hans Rottenhamer, J. Rothen Hamer, Rottlenhamer Johann, Rottenhammer Johann, Jean Rottenamer, Rottehamer, Ruttnhamer Hans I, Rottenhamer Hans, Rothnamer, Rotdenhammer, Rottenhammer Hans I, Rottenhammer, Rotenhamer Hans, Roteenhamer Hans, Jean Rothenhamer, Rothenmaer, Rottenhmer, Hans Rottenhammer, J. Rottenhammer, Ratchamer Hans I, J. Rottenhamer, Rotenhaemer, Rottenhamber Hans, rottenhammer johann, Roteenhamer, Rottenhaemer Hans, Rothamer Hans I, Rothernamer, Rohtenhammer, Rottenhamber, Rottenamer, Rottenghamer, Rottlenhamer, Rothenamer Hans, J. Rothernamer, J. Rotenhamer, Rottenhahmer, J. Rotthenamer, H. Rottenhamer, Jean Rothnamer, Rothertamer, Rottenham, G. Rottenhamer, H. Rottenhammer, Tottenhamer Hans I, johann rotenhammer, Roten hamer, Rothenamer, Rotthenhamer, Johann Rothenhammer, rottenhammer j., Rotten-Hammer, Rothenhamer Hans, Joh. Rotenhammer, Jean Rottenhamer, Hans Rottenhammer I, Rottenheimer, Rotenhamer, Rotnhammer Hans, Rotenhammer, Rothanhamer, Joh. Rottenhammer, Rottenamee, Rathenhamer, Rotenamer, Ratchamer Hans I, J. Rothenhamer, John Rothenamer, Rotnamer, Rottenhumer, Rotten Hammer
Gender of the artist: male
Artist nationality: German
Jobs: painter
Country: Germany
Artist classification: old master
Styles: Mannerism
Lifespan: 61 years
Year of birth: 1564
Year died: 1625

Available material choices

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  • Printed acrylic glass: The acrylic glass print, often referred to as a an art print on plexiglass, transforms the original work of art into wonderful décor. The work of art is printed with modern UV direct print machines. It creates impressive and vivid colors. Our plexiglass with real glass coating protects your selected fine art print against light and heat for between four and 6 decades.
  • Poster print (canvas material): Our poster print is a printed flat cotton canvas with a slight surface texture. Please note, that depending on the absolute size of the canvas poster print we add a white margin of approximately 2-6cm round about the print, which facilitates the framing with your custom frame.
  • Canvas print: A canvas direct print is a printed cotton canvas mounted on a wood frame. A canvas generates a plastic look of three dimensionality. Additionally, a canvas print produces a attractive, pleasant impression. Canvas prints are relatively low in weight, which implies that it is quite simple to hang up the Canvas print without any wall-mounts. Canvas prints are suitable for all kinds of walls in your house.
  • Aluminium dibond print: Aluminium Dibond prints are prints on metal with an outstanding effect of depth. A direct Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond is your best introduction to the sophisticated world of fine replicas with aluminum.

About the item

Article classification: fine art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production process: UV direct print
Manufacturing: German production
Stock type: on demand
Product usage: wall décor, home décor
Alignment: landscape alignment
Image aspect ratio: length : width - 4 : 3
Meaning of the image aspect ratio: the length is 33% longer than the width
Available product fabrics: poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) size variants: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35", 160x120cm - 63x47"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating): 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Poster print (canvas paper) size variants: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Dibond print (alumnium material) sizes: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Frame: not included

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