Jan Davidsz. de Heem - Still Life with Wine, Fruit and Oysters - fine art print

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"Still Life with Wine, Fruit and Oysters" created by Jan Davidsz. de Heem as your unique artprint

the artist Jan Davidsz. de Heem painted this piece of art. The original measures the dimensions: Height: 37,7 cm (14,8 ″); Width: 47,4 cm (18,6 ″) Framed: Height: 56 cm (22 ″); Width: 66 cm (25,9 ″); Depth: 7 cm (2,7 ″). Oil was used by the Dutch painter as the medium of the painting. This piece of art can be viewed in in the Nationalmuseum Stockholm's collection, which is Sweden's museum of art and design, a Swedish government authority with a mandatet o preserve cultural heritage and promote art, interest in art and knowledge of art. We are delighted to reference that this masterpiece, which is part of the public domain is provided with courtesy of Nationalmuseum Stockholm & Wikimedia Commons.Creditline of the artwork: . Furthermore, alignment of the digital reproduction is in landscape format with a ratio of 4 : 3, which means that the length is 33% longer than the width. The painter, botanical illustrator Jan Davidsz. de Heem was an artist from the Netherlands, whose style can primarily be assigned to Baroque. The Dutch painter lived for a total of 78 years, born in the year 1606 in Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands and deceased in the year 1684.

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The product

Print prodct: fine art print
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production method: digital printing (UV direct print)
Provenance: made in Germany
Stock type: on demand production
Product usage: home design, art print gallery
Artwork alignment: landscape format
Aspect ratio: (length : width) 4 : 3
Implication of side aspect ratio: the length is 33% longer than the width
Product material options: metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) variants: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35", 160x120cm - 63x47"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35", 160x120cm - 63x47"
Poster print (canvas paper) options: 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Aluminium print (aluminium dibond material): 40x30cm - 16x12", 80x60cm - 31x24", 120x90cm - 47x35"
Art print framing: no frame

Piece of art information

Title of the painting: "Still Life with Wine, Fruit and Oysters"
Classification: painting
Painted on: oil
Original size: Height: 37,7 cm (14,8 ″); Width: 47,4 cm (18,6 ″) Framed: Height: 56 cm (22 ″); Width: 66 cm (25,9 ″); Depth: 7 cm (2,7 ″)
Museum: Nationalmuseum Stockholm
Museum location: Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Museum website: Nationalmuseum Stockholm
License of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: Nationalmuseum Stockholm & Wikimedia Commons

The painter

Name of the artist: Jan Davidsz. de Heem
Aliases: Heem Jan Davidsz de, J. D. D. Oude de Heem, de heem david, Jan Davidsz. Deheme, le grand-père de David Dekene, de heem j.d., Jan Davidsz. De Hem, Jan Davidse de Heem, Johann Heem, Jan D. Heem, Joh. de Heem, J. Dehem, I.D. De Heem, J.D. de Hemm, John de Heem, de heem jan davidsz, Heem Jan Davidsz. de I, J. De Heem, Jean-David Deheem, J.D. Heem, Jan Davidsz. De Heme, Jan van Heem, De Heem Jean David, J. de Herm, Jan Davidsz. D'Heem de Oude, J. D. de Heem, Jan Davidsz de Heem, I.D. Deheem, Joh. Deheém, J. David De Heem, Heem Davidsz de, Joh. David de Héem, old Deheeme, Jean Deheem, D. Heym, Heem Jan Davidsz. de, Jean David Deheem, Deheeme, Old Deheem, Jean Dav. de Heem, He Heem, J. D. Dehem, Jan Davidsz. De Hume, J. D'Heem, Jan Davidszoon de Heem, J.D. De Heem, Jan Davidsz. De Hum, J. D. de Heem. fecit, heem jan davidz de, Jan De Heem, J.D. Dehem, Jan Davidsz. Deheem, Johan de Heem, J. D'Hem, Jan Davidz de Heem, Johann David de Heem, הים יאן דוידס דה, J. D. Deehem, Jean David de Heem, Monsu` Gem Fiammengo, de oude de Heem, heem jan davidsz, J. Davidz de Heem, J. David Deheem, J. Deheem, De Heem Jan Davidsz., I. D. De Heem, Jan Davidsz. Deheim, Jan de Hoem, Jan Davidts de Heem, Heem Jan Davidz de, Jan Davidsen de Heem, de Hern, B. Heem, Jan Davidze de Heem, Monsù Gem Fiammengo, Jean Dehem, Jan David De Heem, de heem jan davidcz, Jan Davidsz. Dahem, de heem jan davidz, Jean de Hem, hern jan davisz de, Johann David von Heem, Jean-David De Heem, J.D. Deheem, Jan Davisz de Heem, de Heame, John David de Heem, I. de Heem, de oude D'Heem, Johannes van Antwerpen, J.D. de Heem. fecit., Johannes de Heem, David de Heym, Jan Davidsz. De Heem, J. Heen, Jan Davidsz. De Hemee, Jean de Heem, Jan Davids de Heem, Jan Davidsz. Deehem, Jan Davidsz. De Heen, Jan Dav. De Heem, Jan Davidsz. Ditteems, Jean David Dehem, D. Heem, Jan Davidsz. de Hemm, Jan Davidsz. vander Eem, Jan Davidsz. De Heeme, Joh. Dav. de Heem, J.-D de Heem, Jan Davidsz. van Heem, heem jan david de, J. D. Deheem, J.-B. Dehem, John David de Haem, T. D. Deheem, d'oude de Heem, J. D. D'Heem, Johan. de Heem, J.D. de Heem. fecit, Jean-David de Hem, John David de Haeem, Jan Davidsz. de Heem de Oude, Jan Davidsz. Du Hem, Jean David de Hem
Gender: male
Nationality: Dutch
Jobs of the artist: botanical illustrator, painter
Country: the Netherlands
Art styles: Baroque
Age at death: 78 years
Year born: 1606
City of birth: Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands
Year died: 1684
Place of death: Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium

© Copyright, Artprinta (www.artprinta.com)

General specifications from Nationalmuseum Stockholm (© Copyright - by Nationalmuseum Stockholm - Nationalmuseum Stockholm)

English: Sumptuous still lifes were popular in the seventeenth century. Many were painted in Holland, but were subsequently spread to other countries. Just as in this arrangement, European elements were often mixed with exotic components. Here we see blackberries, raspberries, grapes, ears of wheat, acorns, hazelnuts, a pomegranate, and oysters. The exotic parts—an orange, a lemon, and a Chinese bowl—witness of the era’s contact with distant lands. We also catch a glimpse of a snail and a butterfly—motifs that are sometimes interpreted as symbols of death and decay. Prunkande stilleben var omtyckta under 1600-talet. Många målades i Holland, men spreds därifrån till andra länder. Ofta blandades som här europeiska och exotiska inslag i arrangemangen. Här syns björnbär, hallon, vindruvor, veteax, ekollon, hasselnötter, granatäpple och ostron. De exotiska inslagen – apelsiner, en citron och en kinesisk skål – vittnar om tidens kontakter med fjärran länder. Här skymtar också en snigel och en fjäril – inslag som ibland tolkats som symboler för vissnande och död.

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