Abraham Bloemaert, 1591 - Apollo and Diana Punishing Niobe by Killing her Children - fine art print

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(© - by Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) - Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark))

The story of Niobe is related in Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Canto 6, 146-312):

Niobe was the daughter of the proud King Tantalus of Phrygia. She married Amphion, the king of Thebes, and bore him seven sons and seven daughters. She bragged of her many children and chided the goddess Latona, mother of the twins Apollo and Diana, for having only two. In vengeance, Apollo and Diana carried out a massacre. They are shown in the clouds showering arrows down onto Niobe’s children.

Style of painting and the drama of the tale Abraham Bloemaert’s style of painting suits the drama of the tale, full of contrasting shifts between colours, light, and shade as well as complicated poses with bodies viewed from extreme angles.

The great role model: Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem Only 24 years old at the time, the painting sees Bloemaert closely approximating his great role model Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem (1562-1638), who in the 1580s joined his friends Karel van Mander (1548-1606) and Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) to make his native town of Haarlem the centre of the special Haarlem Mannerist style.

In his famous Schilder Boeck from 1604 Karel van Mander relates how the painting was originally intended for Rudolph 2. (1552-1612) in Prague, a patron of many Mannerist artists.

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This 16th century painting Apollo and Diana Punishing Niobe by Killing her Children was painted by the male Dutch artist Abraham Bloemaert in 1591. What is more, the piece of art is in the the collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) in Copenhagen, Denmark. With courtesy of National Gallery of Denmark (public domain license).The creditline of the artpiece is: . In addition to this, the alignment of the digital reproduction is landscape with a ratio of 1.2 : 1, which means that the length is 20% longer than the width. The painter, printmaker Abraham Bloemaert was an artist from the Netherlands, whose art style can primarily be attributed to Baroque. The Baroque painter lived for a total of 85 years - born in 1566 in Gorinchem, South Holland, Netherlands and died in the year 1651 in Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands.

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About the artist

Name: Abraham Bloemaert
Alternative names: Abraham Bloemaere, Bloumart, Bloomant, Ab. Bloemaert, Blomeart, Blommouth, A. Blommaer, Bloemant, Blommaert, bloemaert abraham, Abrah. Bloemert, Bloemarert, A. Bloemaard, Bloemaers, Bloémard, Blommert, Blomert, Bloemmert, Abraham Bommaert, Bloemars, Blommer, Van Bloemart, Bloemmaert, Arraham Bloemaert, Blomart A., A Bloemart, Bloemart, Braham Bloemaert, Blomardt, Abraham Blomaer, Bloemaert A., Blumard Abraham, abraham van bloemaert, Abrah. Blomaert, Ab. Bloemart, Blumard, Abraham Blomart, an blomar, Abr. Blomardt, Abraham Bloemert, Blomant, Bloemart. A., Abramo Bloemart, A. Blomaert, A. Blomhaert, Adam Bloémaert, Bloemert Abraham, Blomard, Abraham Bloamert, Abrahame Bloemart, Bloemaert, Bloemar, Abraham Blommert den Ouden, A. Bloemert, Abraham Blommaert, A. Bloemmart, Abraham von Bloemaet, Blomaert, Abr. Blomaert, Bolemaert, Blomart, blommart, Abraham Blomaert, Abrm Bloemart, Ab. Blomart, blomaert a., Abrah. Bloemaert, Bloemart Abraham, Abraham Bloemarth, Van Bloemart Abraham, A. Blommaert, Blommaerts Abraham, Abraham Blumard, Blomaerts, bloemart a., de Blomaert, A. Blommert, Abraham Bloemaart, bloemaert abr., Abr. Bloemhart, A. Bloemaert, Bloomart, Bloemmert Abraham, Abraham Bloemaat, A. Blomert, Abr. Blomart, Abm. Bloemart, Blomaert Abraham, Abr. Bloemaert, Blomart Abraham, Abr. Bloemart, Blomarte, Abraham Blommaert den Ouden, Abraham Blommart, Abrah. Blömart, Bloemaart, Ab. Blomaert, Blommaert Abraham, Blomert Abraham, Abraham Bloemart, Abrah. Bloemaart, Bloemar Abraham, Blœmart, A. Bloemart, Abr. Blomard, Abraham Blommert, Bloemaert Abraham van, A. Bloemarh, A. Bloomart, arblomar, Abraham Blomhardt, Abraham Blummard, בלומרט אברהם, den ouden Blommaert, A. Bloemar, A. Blomard, A. Bloemært, Abraham Bloemaert, A. Bloemmaert, Blommert Abraham, A. Bloemaart, A. Bloemaers, Abraham Blomeart, Blovemart, den ouden Blommert, Blomcart, Abrah. Blomard, A. Bloomaert, A. Blomart, Bloemaert Abraham
Gender: male
Nationality of artist: Dutch
Jobs: painter, printmaker
Country of the artist: the Netherlands
Classification: old master
Styles of the artist: Baroque
Life span: 85 years
Birth year: 1566
Born in (place): Gorinchem, South Holland, Netherlands
Year of death: 1651
Town of death: Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands

Artwork table

Artwork title: "Apollo and Diana Punishing Niobe by Killing her Children"
Artwork categorization: painting
General term: classic art
Century: 16th century
Year: 1591
Age of artwork: over 420 years old
Museum: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Location of the museum: Copenhagen, Denmark
Website: www.smk.dk
License type: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Denmark

The product

Product type: fine art print
Method of reproduction: digital reproduction
Manufacturing process: digital printing (UV direct print)
Manufacturing: made in Germany
Type of stock: on demand production
Product use: wall gallery, art reproduction gallery
Artwork orientation: landscape alignment
Side ratio: 1.2 : 1
Implication of image ratio: the length is 20% longer than the width
Materials you can choose from: metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame): 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) sizes: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Aluminium print (aluminium dibond material) sizes: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Framing of the artprint: without frame

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