Andrea del Sarto, 1528 - Portrait of a Man - fine art print

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Article specs

Portrait of a Man was created by Andrea del Sarto. The 490 years old work of art was painted with the size: 26 1/4 x 19 7/8 in (66,7 x 50,5 cm). Oil on canvas, transferred from wood was used by the European painter as the medium of the masterpiece. Nowadays, this artwork belongs to the The Metropolitan Museum of Art's digital collection. With courtesy of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Jack and Belle Linsky Collection, 1982 (license - public domain). Creditline of the artwork: The Jack and Belle Linsky Collection, 1982. On top of that, alignment of the digital reproduction is portrait with a ratio of 3 : 4, which implies that the length is 25% shorter than the width. The painter Andrea del Sarto was an artist from Italy, whose artistic style can primarily be attributed to High Renaissance. The Italian painter was born in the year 1486 in Florence, Firenze province, Tuscany, Italy and passed away at the age of 44 in the year 1530 in Florence, Firenze province, Tuscany, Italy.

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  • Poster on canvas material: Our poster is a printed canvas with a slightly roughened surface structure, that resembles the actual artwork. Please bear in mind, that depending on the size of the canvas poster print we add a white margin of approximately 2-6 cm round about the work of art, which facilitates the framing with your custom frame.
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The product

Product categorization: art copy
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production method: UV direct print
Product Origin: German production
Stock type: production on demand
Intended usage: wall gallery, wall décor
Artwork orientation: portrait alignment
Image aspect ratio: (length : width) 3 : 4
Side ratio meaning: the length is 25% shorter than the width
Materials you can select: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47", 120x160cm - 47x63"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Poster print (canvas paper) size variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Aluminium dibond print variants: 30x40cm - 12x16", 60x80cm - 24x31", 90x120cm - 35x47"
Art print framing: no frame

Structured information on the work of art

Artwork title: "Portrait of a Man"
Classification of the work of art: painting
Umbrella term: classic art
Time: 16th century
Created in the year: 1528
Age of artwork: 490 years old
Painted on: oil on canvas, transferred from wood
Original dimensions: 26 1/4 x 19 7/8 in (66,7 x 50,5 cm)
Museum / location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum location: New York City, New York, United States of America
Museum's website: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
License type: public domain
Courtesy of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, The Jack and Belle Linsky Collection, 1982
Artwork creditline: The Jack and Belle Linsky Collection, 1982

Artist table

Artist name: Andrea del Sarto
Other artist names: Andrea Del Sarto Eigentl. Andrea Angeli, Andrea del Sardi, Andrea, Andrea Delserto, A del Sarte, Andrea Vannucci, André del Sart, Andrea Vanucchi, Andre de Sartre, sarto a. del, andrea d'angelo del sarto, Ande. del Sarto, Andr. Vannucchi genannt del Sarto, Andrea de Sarto, Andrea Vannucchi detto Andrea del Sarto, A. D. Sarto, André Delsart, Andreas Angeli Francisci, Andrea d'Agnolo, Andrea Vannucci detto del Sarto, Andrew del Sarto, Andrea di Sarto, Vannucci dit del Sarto, Andrea del Sarto Fiorentino, Andrea el sarto, Andreo del Sarte, Andrea d'Angiolo, And. del Sorto, Andrea del Sarto, andrea del Sacco, Andrea Vannucci Called Andrea del Sarto, Andreas del Sarto, Andrea del Sartto, Andrea Vannucci Called Andrea del Sarto, Sarto Andrea d'Agnolo del, A. Delsarte, Anda. del Sarto, And. del Sarte, d'Agnolo Andrea del Sarto, And.a del Sarto, Andre del Sarti, André Delsarto, Andrea del Sarto or Andrea Venucchi, Anda. dl Sarto, André Delsaltre, Andrea Sarto, André Delfart, A.D. Sarto, And. Del. Sarto, A. di Sarto, André Del-Sarte, A Del Sarto, Sarto fiorentino, And.a del Sarti, Andr. del Sardo, Vanucchi Andrea detto Dal Sarto, Andrea Delsarto, André del Sarte, Andrea Sarti, Andrea Vannini detto del Sarto, Andrea del Sarta, Sarto André del, Delserto, And. del Sarto, André Delsarte, Adrian del Sarto, Vannucchi Andrea, Agnolo Andrea d', Andrea del Sarti, Andria del Sarto, El Sarto, Sardo, andrea del sardo, André del Sarto, Sarti, Andres del Sartto, Del Sarto, Andrea del Salto, And. Delsarto, andrea di agnolo gen. del sarto, Andreas Delsarto, André del Sartre, Sarto Andrea del, André Delsartes, Adelsarto, And: del Sarto, Del Sarto Andrea, A: del Sarto, Andres del Sarto, André Delzatte, André del Serto, sarto andrea del, Andrea del Certa, A. Vanucchi or del Sarto, André Del-Sarto, A. Delsarto, Andrea del Serto, Andrea d'Agnolo di Francesco, Andrea del Sacho, A. del Serto, A. del Sarte, André Delsate, Andrea dl Sarto, An. del Sarto, Andr. del Sarto, Andres el sarto, Andrea Delsart, André del Salte, andree del sarto, André d'Elsarte, Andr Del Sarto, Andrea del Sarte, A. Del Sarto, Adrea del Sarto, And. Delsarte, And.a Sarto, Sarto, Sarto A. del, A. de Sarto
Artist gender: male
Artist nationality: Italian
Jobs of the artist: painter
Country of the artist: Italy
Classification of the artist: old master
Art styles: High Renaissance
Age at death: 44 years
Born in the year: 1486
Birthplace: Florence, Firenze province, Tuscany, Italy
Died: 1530
Deceased in (place): Florence, Firenze province, Tuscany, Italy

Copyright © | (Artprinta)

General specifications as provided from the museum's website (© - by The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

This is probably the "natural-seeming and very beautiful" portrait of a canon from Pisa Cathedral that the biographer Vasari describes in his Life of Andrea del Sarto. The canon was a close friend of the artist and helped him to secure his last commissions. He is shown holding a small prayer book, or Book of Hours.

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