Claude Lorrain, 1643 - The Trojan Women Setting Fire to Their Fleet - fine art print

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Original information about the work of art from The Metropolitan Museum of Art website (© Copyright - by The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

In an effort to end years of wandering after the fall of Troy, the Trojan women set fire to their ships. The clouds and rain in the distance presage the storm sent by Jupiter at Aeneas’s request to quench the blaze. This painting was made in Rome for cardinal Girolamo Farnese. The subject, drawn from Virgil’s Aeneid (V:604–95), must have especially appealed to the learned prelate who returned to Rome in 1643, after years of itinerant service as papal nuncio combating Calvinism in remote Alpine cantons of the Swiss Confederation.

Art product explanation

The more than 370 year-old artpiece was painted by the male French painter Claude Lorrain in the year 1643. The version of the artwork was painted with the absolute size: 41 3/8 x 59 7/8 in (105,1 x 152,1 cm). Oil on canvas was used by the French painter as the medium of the work of art. Nowadays, the artwork can be viewed in in the digital collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is one of the world's largest and finest art museums, which includes more than two million works of art spanning five thousand years of world culture, from prehistory to the present and from every part of the globe.. The classic art public domain work of art is provided - courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Fletcher Fund, 1955. Creditline of the artwork: Fletcher Fund, 1955. Moreover, alignment is in landscape format with a ratio of 1.4 : 1, meaning that the length is 40% longer than the width. Claude Lorrain was a male painter of French nationality, whose style can be attributed mainly to Baroque. The artist was born in the year 1600 in Champagne, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France and died at the age of 82 in the year 1682 in Rome, Roma province, Lazio, Italy.

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Structured artist information

Name: Claude Lorrain
Also known as: Gelè Claudio, Claude Lourin, Claude Gellé dit le Lorrain, Claude L'oronois, Gelee Claude, Claude Gelée dit le Lorrin, Cladio Gelleè Lorenese, C. de Lorrain, G. De Lorain, Claudie, Clodio, Claude Gelée dit Claude le Lorrain, Glaude de Lorainois, Claude Gellee gen. Le Lorrain, Claude Gielis de Larins, Claude de Lorrain or Claudius Gelée, Claude le Lorrain or Claudius Gelée, [Claude Lorrain], Claude Lauren, claude gelee gen. lorrain, Cl. Lorrain, Clauade, Glaude Lornois, Loranese, Gio: Carlo Loréno, Claude Gelée dit le Lorrain, Cla. Lorraine, Claude Lorrraine, Claude Laurain, Carlo Loranze, Gloude Loranois, Monsu Claudio, Monsù Lorense, Lorraine, Claude Gelée dit Lelorrain, Claudio Lorenese, Glaude Lorenne, Lorena Claudio de, Monsu` Claudio, Claudio Gilet Lorraine, Claude Gellée dit Le Lorrain, Lorena Claudio, Loraine Claude, Gloude Loronois, Glaude Laurainois, Gillee Le Lorrain Claude, Claude of Lorraine, ז'לה קלוד (המכונה קלוד לורין), C. Laurin, Gloude Lorenois, Cl. Lorain, Cloth. de Loraine, Claude Gellée Le Lorrain, Claudio di Lorena, Claudio Lurinese, Claude Gellee Le Lorrain, Claude Le Laurain, Monsu Clodio, Claude dit le Lorrain, Claude Gelé dit le Lorrain, Lorraine Claude, Lorineses Glaudo, Claude le Lorrain, Claude Gellée, Gelè Claude, Claudio Gelée, Claudio Gele, Monsu Claudio Lorenese, Claude Lorrain (Claude Gellée), Lorain, C. Gelée dit le Lorrain, Claude Lorin, Claude Gelez dit le Lorrain, Claud, Lorain Claude, C. Gelée dit le Lorrain, Claudius Gelle, Claude Gelée genannt Lorrain, Ch. Lorrain, Claude Le Lorin, Claude Gelee Called Claude Lorrain, Claude Lorrain Eigentlich Claude Gelee, Gelleé Le Lorraine Claude, Glaude Loranoijs, Claude Gelee called Le Lorraine, Gelleè Lorenese Claudio, Claude Lorrains, Gelée dit Claude le Lorrain, Le Lorrain Claude, C. Le Lorrain, Claude Gellée gen. Claude Lorrain, Glaude Loronois, Glaude Lauranois, Claudio Loranese, Lorenese, claude gellee gen. lorrain, Claude Gelleé Le Lorraine, Carlo Loraneze, Claude, Claude Gelée gen. le Lorrain, Glaudo Lorinees, Lorin, Msù Claudio, Claud. Larenese, Lorrain Claude de, Claude Loranese, Claude Lorraine, Glaude Sorrin, Claude Laurrin, Gellée Claude, C. Loraine, Claude Gelée dit le Lorrain, Gloude Lornois, Claude Lorraine French, Claude le Loraine, Claude Gelee genannt le Lorrain, Claudius Gelée genannt Claude Lorrain, Claudio Gelleè Lorenese, Glaude de Loronoy, Lorena Claudio di, Claudio Rorenese, Claudele Lorrain, Claude Lorain, Cl. Lorraine, Claude Gelée, Claude-loraine, C. Lorraine, Claude le Lorain, Claude Lorainois, Lorain Claude la, Lorrain, Claud Lorraine, Cl. Gelée dit Le Lorrain, Charles de Lorrain, C. Laurain, Claude (Claude Lorrain) Gellée, C. Loranese, Lorrain Claude Gellée, Claude de Lorraine, Claude la Lorain, Msù Claudio Lorenese, Claude Gelée genannt Le Lorrain, Claudio da Lorena, Claude Lorraine, C. Lorrain, Claude le Lorraine, Glaude d'Loraine, Claud Lorrain, Claudio Lorense, Gelee Claudius, Lorenese Claudio, Cl. le Lorrain, claude gelee gen. lorrain, Claude Gele dit Lorraine, Claude Loirainois, Gelée Claude gen. Lorrain, Claude Gille, C. Loraneze, Claude Lorrain, Claude de Lorin, Glaude, Claude Loraine, Claude Gélé dit Le Lorrain, Claud. Loraine, Claud de Lorain, Lorrain Claude, lorrain claude, Cluade, Lorenese Claudio Gelée, Claud. Lorrain, le Lorain Claude, Claude Lorenois, Gellée le Lorrain Claude, Glaude Lorainois, C. de Lorraine, Claudius Gelee, Claude De Laureins, Gellée Claude Lorrain, Loren Claudio, Lorrain Claude le, Claude Gele'e dit le Lorrain, Clode Loraine, Claud Loraine, Lorrain Claud., Claudio Loren, Lorrain Claude Gelee gen. Le Lorrain, Claudio Loroinese, Glaude Lorenois, Claude Lorrain, Claude Loreen, Claud Lorain, Clot la Raing oder Claudius Gelee, Le Lorrain, Clode Lorraine, Cl. Gelée dit Le Lorrain, Claudio, Lorenis, Lorense Claudio, Gellée Claude (Claude Lorrain), Glaude Lorraine, Claude Gellé gen. Le Lorrain, Glot la Raing oder Claudius Gelee, Glaude Loranois, Claude Gelé dit Lorraine, Lorrain Claude Gelee gen., Claud de Loraine
Gender: male
Nationality: French
Jobs of the artist: painter
Country: France
Artist category: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Age at death: 82 years
Year of birth: 1600
City of birth: Champagne, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France
Died: 1682
Deceased in (place): Rome, Roma province, Lazio, Italy

Structured table of the artpiece

Title of the artwork: "The Trojan Women Setting Fire to Their Fleet"
Artwork classification: painting
Category: classic art
Century: 17th century
Year of creation: 1643
Artwork age: more than 370 years old
Original medium of artwork: oil on canvas
Dimensions of the original artwork: 41 3/8 x 59 7/8 in (105,1 x 152,1 cm)
Museum / location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum location: New York City, New York, United States of America
Museum website: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
License: public domain
Courtesy of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Fletcher Fund, 1955
Creditline: Fletcher Fund, 1955

Item details

Article classification: art reproduction
Method of reproduction: digital reproduction
Production technique: UV print / digital printing
Origin of the product: Germany
Stock type: on demand
Intended product use: gallery wall, art collection (reproductions)
Orientation: landscape format
Aspect ratio: 1.4 : 1
Interpretation: the length is 40% longer than the width
Materials you can choose from: poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) sizes: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size options: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 70x50cm - 28x20"
Dibond print (alumnium material) options: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Frame: no frame

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