Cornelis van Poelenburgh, 1620 - Christ Carrying the Cross - fine art print

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The article

The classic art piece of art with the title Christ Carrying the Cross was created by Cornelis van Poelenburgh in 1620. Besides, the piece of art forms part of the National Gallery of Art's collection, which is the museum of the US-American nation that preserves, collects, exhibits, and fosters an understanding of works of art. With courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington (public domain).The creditline of the artwork is the following: . Moreover, alignment of the digital reproduction is landscape with an aspect ratio of 1.4 : 1, meaning that the length is 40% longer than the width. The painter Cornelis van Poelenburgh was a European artist, whose art style can primarily be assigned to Baroque. The Baroque painter was born in the year 1594 in Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands and passed away at the age of 73 in the year 1667 in Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands.

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Product details

Article categorization: wall art
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Production technique: UV direct print
Production: made in Germany
Stock type: on demand production
Intended product usage: wall decoration, gallery wall
Image alignment: landscape alignment
Aspect ratio: (length : width) 1.4 : 1
Implication: the length is 40% longer than the width
Available product materials: metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) variants: 70x50cm - 28x20"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 70x50cm - 28x20"
Poster print (canvas paper): 70x50cm - 28x20"
Aluminium print (aluminium dibond material) size options: 70x50cm - 28x20"
Picture frame: unframed reproduction

Details about the piece of art

Name of the artwork: "Christ Carrying the Cross"
Artwork categorization: painting
General term: classic art
Temporal classification: 17th century
Artpiece year: 1620
Approximate age of artwork: over 400 years old
Museum / collection: National Gallery of Art
Museum location: Washington D.C., United States of America
Museum's webpage:
License of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Art, Washington

The artist

Name of the artist: Cornelis van Poelenburgh
Additional names: C. Poelenborg, Corneille Polenbourg, cornelius poelenberg, Poelembergh Cornelis van, Paulenbergh, Poelenborch, Polemborg Cornelis van, Corneille Bodenburg, Corn. Poelemburg, C. Poelembourg, Corneille Bolembourg, Cornelis van Poelenburch, C. Poelenburch, C. Polerburg, Corn. van Poelenburg, Polenborgh, Poelenburgh Cornelis van, Cornelius Polenburg, Corneil Poelenburg, Cornille Polenburg, Cornelio Benincasa, Cornelis van Poelenburg, Polenburgh Cornelis, Cornelio Sayter, Poleberg, Poolenborgh, C. Polenburgh, Polemburgh, Corneille Pollenbergh, Cornelio Saiter Fiammingo, Poelenburch, Cornelius Poelemberg, Pollenberg, C. Pahlenburg, Polinbourg, C. Poelenberg, Cornelisz van Poelenburgh, cornelis poehlenburg, Polenborg Cornelis van, Poelenborgh, Poelenborg, Polemburgh Cornelis van, Poulenbourg, Corn. Poelenburch, Corneille Poelemburgh, Poelembourg, Cornel. Poelemburg, Polemberg Cornelis van, cornelis poelenburgh, Poolenborgh Cornelis van, Pulen-Brooke, Poelenborch Satyr, cornelius von poelenburg, Cornelius Polemburgh, cornelis poelenburg gen. brusco und satyro, Cornelis van Poelenburgh, Cornelius Poelenburg, Pollenburgh Cornelis van, Cornelius von Poelenburgh, Cornelio, Corn. Poelenborg, Poelemburgh, C. Polimbourg, Cornelisz v. Poelenburgh, Poolembergh, corn. van poelenborgh, Polemburg, Corneil Poelinburg, Bullenburg, Cor. Poelemburg, Cor. Poelenburch, Pollingburg, c. v. poelenburgh, C. Poelemburg, corn. van poelenburgh, Corn. v. Poelenburgh, Polemrerg, Polenburgh Cornelis van, Cornelius Polemburg, Poelemburch, Cornelio Sabitto, C. Polembourg, Poulenburch Cornelis van, Poelenburgh Cornelis van, Polenburch, C. Poulenbourg, Corneil Poëlemburg, Pollingberg, Polemberg Cornelis, C. Poelenburgh, Poelenberg Cornelis van, Poelenburche, Corn. Poelembourg, C. Polenburg, C. Poelinburg, N. Poelenburch, Cornelio Pulemburgo, Puhlenburg, cornelius poelenburgh, Corneil Polembourg, Corneil Polemburg, Corneille Poelenbourg, C. Puhlenberg, C. Poelenb., Cornelio Pulemburg, Cornelio Poelemburg, Cornelis Poelenburg, Polinberg, Pohlemberg Cornelis van, Poulembourg, Cornelis v. Poelenburg, Satiro, Corneille Polimbourg, Karel von Poelenburgh, Poelenburgh Cornelius, Poelenberg, Corneille Pollembourg, Palembourg, Corn. Poelenbourg, C. Pœlenburg, C. Polenbergh, Cornelio Sejter, Poelemburg Cornelis van, Poulenberch, Poelenburgh Cornelis, Poelemburg, Pollenberg Cornelis van, Cornelis Poelembrugh, C. Poelenborgh, C. van Poelenburgh, Poelenbourgh Cornelis van, Cornelius Pulenburg, Cornel. Pulenburg, Polemborgh Cornelis van, Corneille Poelimburg, Corneille Poelemburg, Poelmbourg Cornelis van, Poulenburch, c. von poelenburg, Polembergh, Corneli Sattilo, cornelis van poelemburg, Pullenburg, Poelmbourg, Poelenburg Satyr, Poelenburg, Polembourg Cornelis van, Pollinburg, Poelemburch Cornelis, Corneil Poelemburgh, Poulenborgh, Cornelis v. Poelenburgh, Cornelius Poulenbourg, Polembourg, corn. v. poelenburg, C. Poelemberg, Cornelis von Poelenburg, Cornelis Polembourg, Cornelius Poelemburch, Corn. Bollenburg, Corneille-Bolembourg, C. Polemberg, Pollinburgh, Poullenberg, Poellenburg, Poelinburg, Cornelius Buolenburg, Pollenburg, C Polemburg, C. Paulembourg, Corneille-Poclembourg, N. Poelenburg, C. Pulenburg, Cornel. Poelenburg, Polemberg, Corneille Poelenburg, Cornelis Poelenbourg, Polimburgh, Poolembourgh, Polembourgh, C. van Poelenburg, C. Polenberg, Pollenbergh, Polembourgh Cornelis van, Cornelio Pollenburg, Polenburgh, C. Poelenbrug, C. Poulembourg, Poelemberg, Cornelio Saiter, Boulemberg, C. Poulenburg, Cornelius Pœlenburg, Cornelius Poelembourg, Corneille Polemburg, Korn. Poelenburg, Polemrerg Cornelis van, Polenbourgh, Cornelio Prelenburg, Poelenburch Cornelis van, Poelenbourgh, Polenburg Cornelis van, Poelenbourg, C. Poelenburg, Puhlenborg, c. v. poelenburi, Cornelio Poelenburg, Poelembourg Cornelis van, C. Poëlimburg, Poulenburg, Pœlenburg, Polemborgh, Poelenburgh Cornelis van, Cornelius Pœlembourg, Cornelio Satiro, Corneille Polembourg, Bruschi Cornelio, Corneille Poelinburg, Poelmburg, Pohlemberg, Poelenborch Cornelis van, Cornelius van Poelenburg, Polenberg, Cornelio fiammengo, Cornelius Poelemburg, Polenbergh Cornelis van, Kornelis Poelenburg, Pohlenborg, Polenburg, Polenberg Cornelis van, C. Polemboubg, Cornelius van Poelenburgh, Poelenburg Cornelis van, Bolenbourg, Poelenburgh, Corneille Poclembourg, Poelemburch Cornelis van, Poulenbourgh, Pollinbirg, Polenborgh Cornelis van, Palenburg, C. Palembourg, Poulenborch, Corn. Poelenburg, Polenbourg, Pollenburgh, Polimbourg, Poelemberg Cornelis, C. von Poelenburgh, C. Poelenbourg, Corn. Polemburg, Polenbergh, Pulenberg, Poulenborgh Cornelis van, Poelembergh, Poelemburgh Cornelis van, Polenborg, C. Poelemborg, C. Polemburg, Polenboerg, Cornelio Satiro Fiammingo, C. VAN POELEMBURGH, Poelemborg, C. Poelenbourgh, Cornelio fiamengo, Corneil Polambour, C. Poelemburch, Poelemburg Cornelis, Pollembourg, Cornelis Poulenburg, Cornelio Satyro, Pollinbirge, Polembergh Cornelis van, Corn. Poelenburgh, Pulenburg, Poelemburg Corneille, Poelenburgh Satyr, Cor. Polemberg, Poleinbourg, Polemburg Cornelis van, Polinbergh, Cornelio Polimbergh, Cornelius Poulenburg, Corneille Poellemburg, C. Poulenbourgh, C. Polemborgh, Polemborg, Corneille Poelembourg, Pulenbourg, poelenburg c., Cornelis van Poelemburgh, Cornelio Satijro
Gender: male
Nationality of artist: Dutch
Professions of the artist: painter
Home country: the Netherlands
Classification: old master
Styles: Baroque
Lifespan: 73 years
Born: 1594
Town of birth: Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands
Year died: 1667
Place of death: Utrecht, Utrecht province, Netherlands

© Copyright protected -

Original artwork description by National Gallery of Art (© - National Gallery of Art - National Gallery of Art)

Medium: Oil on copper

Dimensions: overall: 44.2 x 62.3 cm (17 3/8 x 24 1/2 in.)

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