Giovanni Battista Gaulli, 1670 - Pope Clement X (1590–1676) - fine art print

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In the year 1670 the male Italian artist Giovanni Battista Gaulli made this classic art painting. The artwork was made with the following size: 30 1/2 × 24 1/4 in (77,5 × 61,6 cm) and was painted with the techinque of oil on canvas. This artpiece can be viewed in in the digital art collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is located in New York City, New York, United States of America. With courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Friends of European Paintings Gifts, 2017 (licensed - public domain). : Purchase, Friends of European Paintings Gifts, 2017. On top of that, alignment is in portrait format and has a side ratio of 1 : 1.2, which means that the length is 20% shorter than the width. Giovanni Battista Gaulli was a painter, sculptor of Italian nationality, whose art style was primarily Baroque. The Italian painter was born in 1639 in Genoa, Genova province, Liguria, Italy and died at the age of 70 in the year 1709.

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Product background information

Print product type: art reproduction
Method of reproduction: digital reproduction
Production method: digital printing
Origin of the product: produced in Germany
Type of stock: on demand
Product usage: wall gallery, wall art
Orientation: portrait format
Image aspect ratio: (length : width) 1 : 1.2
Meaning of aspect ratio: the length is 20% shorter than the width
Available material options: canvas print, poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47", 150x180cm - 59x71"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) sizes: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47", 150x180cm - 59x71"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Aluminium dibond print: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Picture frame: not included

Structured information on the artpiece

Name of the artwork: "Pope Clement X (1590–1676)"
Categorization: painting
General category: classic art
Period: 17th century
Artwork year: 1670
Artwork age: over 350 years
Painted on: oil on canvas
Artwork original dimensions: 30 1/2 × 24 1/4 in (77,5 × 61,6 cm)
Exhibited in: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum location: New York City, New York, United States of America
Museum website: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Artwork license type: public domain
Courtesy of: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, Friends of European Paintings Gifts, 2017
Creditline: Purchase, Friends of European Paintings Gifts, 2017

About the painter

Name of the artist: Giovanni Battista Gaulli
Additional names: Batista Bacici, J. B. Gauli dit le Bacicio, Gio: Batta Gauli detto il Baciccio, Giovanni Battista Gaulli, Jean-Baptiste Gauli dit Le Bachiche, Gio. B. Gaulli, Jean-Baptiste Gauli dit le Bacici, Gianbattista Gaulli gen. Bacciccio, gaulli gen. il bacciccio, Gio: Battista Gauli detto il Baciccio, Sr Gio Batta Gaulli detto il Baciccio, Baciccia Il Gaulli, Bachichio, Bacciche, gaulli g. b., Baptiste Gauli, Baccico, Bacciccio, Gaulli Giovanni Battista, Gaulli Giov. Batt., Gaulli, Bacciccia di Roma, il Baciccio Baciccia, Baciccio il, Bacici, Baciccia Giovanni Battista, Gauli surnommé le Bachiche, Abbaciccio, Il Baciccio, Baciccia di Roma, Baciccia, giovanni battista baciccio, Gio. Batt.a Gaulli Genovese detto Baccichio, Gaulli genannt il Bacciccio, Baciccio Gauli, Jean-Baptiste Gauli surnommé le Bachiche, Bacicio, Bacicci, Bacciccia, Le Bacicci, Gaulli Giovanni Battista. gen. Bacciccio, Bacciccia eigentlich G. B. Gaulli, Le Bachiche, Bachiche, Baccici, Giovanni Battista Baciccia, Bacchio, Le Bacici, Giovanni Battista Gauli, Gaulli Giovan Battista, Il Gaulli, Giovanni Batta Gauli, Gio: Battista Gauli detto Baciccio, Giovanni Battista Bacicci Genovese, Baciccio, Battista Gauli detto il Baciccia, GAULLI Giovanni Battista "Il Baciccio"
Artist gender: male
Nationality of artist: Italian
Jobs of the artist: sculptor, painter
Country: Italy
Classification: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Age at death: 70 years
Birth year: 1639
Town of birth: Genoa, Genova province, Liguria, Italy
Year died: 1709
City of death: Rome, Roma province, Lazio, Italy

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Supplemental information by The Metropolitan Museum of Art (© - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Pope Clement is shown in winter garb, wearing a fur-lined hat (camauro) and cape (mozzetta). The biggest political task he faced was a rapprochement between France and Spain. Under him, the great sculptor Bernini designed the Altar of the Sacrament in Saint Peter’s. Gaulli was closely associated with Bernini but in this picture was inspired both by the great sculptor, who carved a bust of the pope, and by Velázquez, whose celebrated portrait of Pope Innocent X he had copied. Papal portraits were prized diplomatic gifts; this is the finest of seven known versions.

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