Godfried Schalcken, 1675 - Woman selling herring - fine art print

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Interesting facts about the artwork created by the old master Godfried Schalcken

This classic art piece of art with the title Woman selling herring was created by the Dutch painter Godfried Schalcken. Furthermore, this artwork is included in the art collection of Rijksmuseum. With courtesy of: Rijksmuseum (license: public domain).Creditline of the artwork: . Besides this, the alignment is portrait and has an image ratio of 1 : 1.2, which means that the length is 20% shorter than the width. The painter Godfried Schalcken was an artist from the Netherlands, whose style was mainly Baroque. The European artist was born in the year 1643 in Made, North Brabant, Netherlands and passed away at the age of 63 in 1706 in Hague, The, South Holland, Netherlands.

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Item details

Product classification: fine art reproduction
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Manufacturing method: UV direct printing
Production: Germany
Type of stock: on demand
Product use: home décor, wall picture
Image orientation: portrait alignment
Image ratio: length : width - 1 : 1.2
Image ratio interpretation: the length is 20% shorter than the width
Available reproduction materials: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) sizes: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) variants: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material) options: 50x60cm - 20x24", 100x120cm - 39x47"
Art print framing: unframed product

Structured artwork details

Title of the painting: "Woman selling herring"
Artwork classification: painting
Category: classic art
Artwork century: 17th century
Year of creation: 1675
Artwork age: more than 340 years
Museum: Rijksmuseum
Museum location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Web URL Museum: Rijksmuseum
License: public domain
Courtesy of: Rijksmuseum

Artist overview

Artist: Godfried Schalcken
Also known as: Schlaken, Scalkin Godfried, g. von schalcken, Schalchen Godfried, van Schalken, Stalking, Scalcen Godfried, Schelcken, G: Schalken, Godefroy Scalcken, Scalken, Schaleken Godfried, schalken godfried, Skalkin, God. Schalcken, Schalek, Godfrid Schalkens, Skalken, Schalven, G. Schlaken, Shalcken, Skalkein Godfried, Scalchen, Scalque, Skalk, Gerhard Schalkke, Sahalken, Schalken, schalcken godfried, Schalckens, Schalckens Godfried, Schalcken, Godefroy Scalken, Scalkhen, gottfr. schalcken, Godefroi Schalken, Scalking Godfried, Scalcen, Gottfrid Schalken, Scalking, Scalk, Gotfr. Schalken, G. Schalcken, Schalchon, Godofred. Schalken, Shalken, Godefroi Schalcken, Scalkin, Scalchen Godfried, Scalkens, Gottfroi Schalcken, G. Schalken, Schalkin, godfr. schalcken, G. Schalkin, Schalcken Gottfried, Gottf. Schalken, Schalchen, Gottfried Schalcken, Godefroy Schalken, Godefroy-Schalken, Sealken Godfried, G. Schalchen, Scolker, Schatcken, Godefroy Schalcke, Skalken Godfried, Scalcken Godfried, Schalkens Godfried, Goddefroy Schalcken, Schaklen, Skalque, Gottfried Schalken, Scalckens, Schachen, Schalck, Schelcken Godfried, G. Schalck, Scalkins, Godefridus Schalken, Godefroy Scelken, Godfrey Schalken, godfried van schalcken, Godefroy Schalcken, De Skalque, Gottfrid Schalcken, Gottf. Schalck, gottfried van schalcken, Schaleken, G. Scalcken, Scalker, Godfrid Schalcken, Godfried Schalke, Godfried Schalcken, Gerh. Schalke, Godfrey Schalcken, Godfr. Schalken, Godefroi Scalken, Schatcken Godfried, schalken g., gottfr. schalken, Schalchon Godfried, Scalk Godfried, Skalkein, Godfrey Schulchen, G. Scaalken, Schalke Godfried, Gottfried Schalckens, Godefroi, Gotfried Schalken, Gerard Schalke, Skalkens, Godfried Schalken, Schlaken Godfried, Schalcken Gotfried, Godfrid Schalken, schalken gottfried, Godfrey Skalken, Schalke, Schelkin Godfried, Scalker Godfried, Godefroi Schallken, Schulken, Skalchen Godfried, Gottfr. Schalck, Schalcke, G. Schalke, Godfroy Skalken, Skalchen, Godefroy Skalken, Schellekens, Godfriedt Schalcken, Schalka, Godefried Schalken, God. Scalcken, Godefroy Sckalken, G. Skalken, Scalcken, Scalquen, Skalcken, Sckalcken, G. Scholken, Schelkin, Godefroid Schalcken, Godf. Schalken, Gottfried Schalck, Scalken Godfried, Schalkens, Sckalken, Gottf. Schalke, Schalken Godfried, Scalke, Sealken, Shalken Godfried, G. Scalken, Salken, Godefroid Schalkens, Godefroid Shalcken, Schalcken Godfried
Gender of the artist: male
Nationality: Dutch
Jobs of the artist: painter
Home country: the Netherlands
Classification: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Died at the age of: 63 years
Born: 1643
Birthplace: Made, North Brabant, Netherlands
Year died: 1706
Deceased in (place): Hague, The, South Holland, Netherlands

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Original artwork specifications by the museum's website (© - by Rijksmuseum - Rijksmuseum)

The herring saleswoman. A young woman in half length, holding in her left hand a herring up, right a wooden bucket.

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