Hendrick Goltzius, 1616 - Lot and his Daughters - fine art print

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Artwork specifications as provided by Rijksmuseum (© - by Rijksmuseum - www.rijksmuseum.nl)

God decided to destroy the sinful city of Sodom, sparing only the righteous Lot and his family. Because Lot’s daughters were afraid of remaining childless – all of the men had perished – they got their father drunk and seduced him. Goltzius creates a striking contrast between the sunburned skin of the elderly Lot and the smooth skin of his two daughters.

Structured artwork information

Artwork name: "Lot and his Daughters"
Categorization of the artpiece: painting
Umbrella term: classic art
Period: 17th century
Created in the year: 1616
Approximate age of artwork: 400 years old
Museum / location: Rijksmuseum
Museum location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Website: www.rijksmuseum.nl
License type of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: Rijksmuseum

General information on the artist

Artist name: Hendrick Goltzius
Other artist names: Hendrik Goltius, Henr. Goltzius, Gholtius, Goltzius, Hinr. Goltzius, Goltzius Henrik, Gousius Hendrick, Alb. Goltzio, Henri Goltzius, Goltius Hendrick, Hendr. Goltzius, Hendrik Goltsius, Gousius, Goulchius, hendrik van goltzius, H. Goltzins, Henri Goltius, Golcius Hendrick, Golsus, Goltizus, Goltzenis, Golʹt︠s︡ius Gendrik, Golscius, Goltz Hendrik, Goltsius Hendrick, Henry Goltzius, חולציוס הנדריק, Goltino, Gols Hendrick, Golshes, H. Goldius, Henricus Goltius, Henrik Goltzius, Henr. Goltius, Golcius, Golsio, Goltzer, Henri Goltz, H. Gottzius, Golsius Hendrick, Hin. Golzius, Hendrick Goltzius, Heinr. Goltzius, Goltzio, Golzius, Goltz Hendrick, Gols Hendrik, H. Golsius, Goetsiers, Golsius, Henry Goltius, Hinrich Golzius, Goltzino, Goltzenes, Golzes, Arrigo Golsio, Golz, Gottius, Enrico Golsio, Heinrich Goltzius, Henrico Goltzius, Goltzius Henricus, Goltzius Heinrick, Guetius, Hendrick Golthius, Colchis, The Dutch Proteus, Hendrick Goltsius, Hendrik Goltzius, Goltzious, H. Goltzius, Hendrik Golsius, Golzi, H. Gotzius, Golzius Hendrick, Goltzius Hendrick, Goltzius Henry, Goltsius, Goltizius, Goltio, Golzious Hendrick, Golzus, H. Goltsius, Heinrich Golzius, Goltius, Golztius, Goltzeus, Galtius, Goltius Hendrik, Goltzius H., Golsjus, Gattius, Golsi, Hinrich Goltzius, Golzious, H. Goltius, Hendrick Goltius, Goltino Hendrick, Hendrick Golsius, H. Golzius, Hinr. Golzius, Henry Gottius, Golzius Hendrik, Goltzius Hendrik
Gender of the artist: male
Nationality of artist: German
Jobs of the artist: painter, engraver
Country: Germany
Artist classification: old master
Styles: Mannerism
Died aged: 59 years
Year born: 1558
Year of death: 1617
Died in (place): Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands

About the article

Print categorization: art reproduction
Reproduction method: digital reproduction
Manufaturing technique: UV direct print (digital printing)
Provenance: manufactured in Germany
Type of stock: on demand production
Product use: home décor, home design
Alignment: landscape alignment
Image aspect ratio: length : width - 3 : 2
Interpretation of side aspect ratio: the length is 50% longer than the width
Item material options: canvas print, metal print (aluminium dibond), acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) variants: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31", 150x100cm - 59x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating): 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31", 150x100cm - 59x39"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material) size options: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Frame: no frame

Your product material choices

For every art print we offer different sizes & materials. The following sizes and materials are the options we offer you for individualization:

  • Aluminium dibond print: This is a metal print made on aluminium dibond with an outstanding depth - for a modern impression and non-reflective surface. The colors are bright and vivid in the highest definition, the details of the print appear crisp, and there’s a matte look you can literally feel.
  • Canvas: The canvas print is a printed cotton canvas stretched on a wooden stretcher. How can I hang a canvas print on the wall? Canvas prints are relatively low in weight, which implies that it is easy to hang your Canvas print without additional wall-mounts. A canvas print is suited for any type of wall.
  • Poster print (canvas material): The poster is a UV printed sheet of flat cotton canvas with a granular surface finish, which resembles the actual artwork. It is designed for placing your art copy with a customized frame. Please note, that depending on the size of the poster print we add a white margin of something between 2-6cm round about the artwork in order to facilitate the framing with a custom frame.
  • Acrylic glass print: A glossy print on acrylic glass, which is often referred to as a print on plexiglass, will convert your favorite original into lovely home décor. Your artwork will be custom-made with state-of-the-art UV direct print machines.

Summarization of the print product

This classic art artwork Lot and his Daughters was painted by Hendrick Goltzius in 1616. Today, the piece of art can be viewed in in the art collection of Rijksmuseum. We are delighted to reference that the masterpiece, which belongs to the public domain is supplied with courtesy of Rijksmuseum.: . In addition to this, the alignment is landscape with a side ratio of 3 : 2, meaning that the length is 50% longer than the width. The engraver, painter Hendrick Goltzius was an artist, whose art style was primarily Mannerism. The German painter lived for a total of 59 years and was born in the year 1558 and deceased in 1617.

Legal note: We try everythig possible to describe the products as closely as possible and to demonstrate them visually. Please keep in mind that the tone of the printing material and the printing may vary somehwat from the representation on your device's screen. Depending on your settings of your screen and the quality of the surface, not all color pigments can be printed 100% realistically. In view of the fact that our art reproductions are processed and printed manually, there might also be minor discrepancies in the size and exact position of the motif.

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