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This more than 480 years old artpiece "Portrait of a Man" was made by Jan Gossaert in 1532. What is more, this artwork is part of the art collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark), which is the largest museum of fine arts in Denmark and is attached to the Danish Ministry of Culture.. With courtesy of: National Gallery of Denmark (license - public domain).Creditline of the artwork: . Moreover, alignment is portrait and has a ratio of 1 : 1.4, which means that the length is 29% shorter than the width.

Artwork information from the museum (© - by Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) - Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark))

Nostrils flaring, lips tight, the man looks firmly ahead. His identity is unknown to us, but as a type he is timeless, and we recognise him as a strong and forceful personality for whom the end justifies the means.

The artist Gossaert Jan Gossaert became a master of the St. Luke’s Guild of painters in Antwerp in 1503. Only a few years later his work would take him from one royal patron to the next throughout all of Europe. The circle of patrons included the Danish King Christian 2. (1481-1559), whose children Gossaert portrayed in a painting that was to be one of the first secular group portraits in art history (Hampton Court, London). The small princes and princesses greet us with gazes full of childish gravity, painted with the same keen sense of the individual personality that characterises the unknown man.

Gossaert's portraits with inner depth Portraits with inner depth in the depictions of persons gained ground with the Italian Renaissance, a movement that Gossaert had ample opportunities to familiarise himself with and communicate to wider audiences north of the Alps. The style of painting, characterised by muted colours and an enamel-like varnish, places this portrait within Gossaert’s mature period.

Work of art table

Name of the painting: "Portrait of a Man"
Categorization of the artpiece: painting
Broad category: classic art
Time: 16th century
Created in the year: 1532
Artwork age: 480 years
Exhibited in: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Location of museum: Copenhagen, Denmark
Web URL: www.smk.dk
License type of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Denmark

Artist table

Name: Jan Gossaert
Other artist names: Jean De Mombeuse, J. de Maubeuge, Mauberge Jennyn Gossart van, Mabuge, Malbodius, J. Van Maubuis, Mauberge Joannes Malbodius, Mabeuse Jan de, Maubeuse Jan de, J. de Mabuge, Gossaert Jennyn, Mabuse Nicasius Gossart van, Maubeuge Jan, Robert of Maubeuge, Mabuse Jan de, Mabeuge, jan gossart gen. mabuse, Mabuse Nicasius Gossaert van, Marbeuze, Gossart Jan, Mabuys, gossart jan gen. mabuse, Gossaert Jean, J. of Maubeuge, Mabuse Jennyn Gossaert van, Marbuse, Mobeuse, jan gossaert. mabuse, Jean De Mabeus, Jean de Mabuge, van gossaert, J. Mabauze, Mabuse John de, Mabuse Nicasius Gossaert, Maubeuge, I. Maubeuge, Mauberge Jan Gossaert van, I. de Mabuse, J. Malbodius, Mauberge Jennyn, jan gossaert mabuse, J. de Maugeuge, Jan Gossaert, Gossaert, John of Maubeuge, Mabuse Jan Gossaert, Mauberge Jan Gossaert, J.D. Mabuge, Waele Jennyn de, Gossart Jan van, Mauberge Gossart Van, John de Maubuse, Mabuse Jennyn Gossart van, Jan Gossaert gen. Mabuse, J. de Maubuse, Jan Gossart gen. Mabuse, Maubeause, Mauberge Jennyn Gossaert van, Waele Iennin de, Mabeuge Jan, Henegouwe Iennin van, Mabuese, Malbodius Joannes, J. Mabeuse, Maugeuge Jan de, Gossaert Jan gen. Mabuse, Maubege Jan de, Mabeuge Jan de, I. de Mabeuge, Jean Mabuse, Mabuse Jan Gossart van, Gossaert Jan gen. Mabuse, I. de Maubeuge, jan gossart. mabuse, Jan of Maubeuge, Jan de Mabuse, Jan Gossaert genannt Mabuse, J. Maubeuge, John de Mabeuge, Mauberge Nicasius Gossaert, Gossaert Iennin, Gossaert Jan called Mabuse, Henegouwe Jennyn van, De Mabuse Jean, Mambusen, Jean de Mabeuse, Mabusa, Jan mabuse, Mabuse Joannes Malbodius, Maubauge Jan, Jean de Mabeuge, Jean de Maubeuse, Jan. Mabuse, Mauberge Jan Gossart van, gossaert jan gen. mabuse, jan gossaert gen. mabuse, J. Mabuse, jan gossart, J. de Mabuse, Mabuesa, J. De Maubeuse, J. de Mabeuge, Mabuse Jan, Maubeuse, Henegouwe Janin van, Maubuse Jan de, Jean de Maubeuge, Gossart Janin, Mabuse, Waele Janin de, John de Mabeuse, Mauberge Nicasius Gossaert van, Mabeuse, Mabuse Iennin, Gossart Iennin, Maubauge, John Mabuse, Mabuysen, gossaert jane mabuse, jean gossaert gen. mabuse, J. dd Mabeuse, Mabuse Janin, Gossart Jennine, Mabeuse John de, Jean de Mabuse, Mauberge Nicasius Gossart van, J. de Marbuge, Mabuse Jan Gossaert van, Gossaert Janin, Mabuge Jan de, Gossart Jennyn, John de Mabuse, Mabeuse Jean de, J. de Mabuze, Jean Gossar dit de Mabuse ou Maubeuge, Jean of Maubeuge, Maubeuse Jan, John de Maubeuse, Henegouwe Jan van, John De Maberge, Gossaert Jan, Mabusen, Mabuge Jan, Malbodius Jaen, Maubeuge Jan de, J. De Mabeuse, Jean Maubeuge, M. de Maubuge, Mabuse Gossart Van, J. de Maubege, Maubeuge Jean de, Waele Jan de, Jan de Mabeuge, Nicasius Gossaert Mabuse, Mabuse Jennyn, Mabuze Jan de, Jennyn Mabuse
Gender: male
Nationality of artist: Dutch
Jobs of the artist: printmaker, painter
Country of the artist: the Netherlands
Artist category: old master
Died at the age of: 70 years
Born in the year: 1462
Place of birth: Maubeuge, Hauts-de-France, France
Year died: 1532
Died in (place): Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium

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Structured item details

Print prodct: fine art print
Reproduction method: reproduction in digital format
Manufacturing method: UV print / digital printing
Production: manufactured in Germany
Stock type: production on demand
Product use: art reproduction gallery, gallery wall
Orientation: portrait alignment
Image aspect ratio: 1 : 1.4
Interpretation of the side aspect ratio: the length is 29% shorter than the width
Available reproduction materials: metal print (aluminium dibond), poster print (canvas paper), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame) sizes: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) sizes: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Poster print (canvas paper) options: 50x70cm - 20x28"
Aluminium print (aluminium dibond material) size variants: 50x70cm - 20x28", 100x140cm - 39x55"
Art print framing: please note that this product is not framed

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