Jan Miense Molenaer, 1637 - The Five Senses: Smell - fine art print

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  • Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating): The print on acrylic glass, which is sometimes denoted as a plexiglass print, changes the original artwork into lovely wall décor. With an acrylic glass fine art print contrasts and minor artwork details will be more visible because of the fine gradation in the print. The acrylic glass protects your selected art replica against light and heat for several decades.
  • Aluminium print (aluminium dibond): An Aluminium Dibond print is a print material with an outstanding depth effect, which makes a fashionable look thanks to a non-reflective surface. This direct UV print on aluminium is one of the most demanded entry-level products and is an extremely sophisticated way to showcase artworks, because it draws attention on the image.
  • Canvas: The canvas print is a printed cotton canvas stretched on a wood stretcher. The canvas print creates a nice and comfortable atmosphere. A canvas of this artpiece will provide you with the unique chance to transform your very own fine art print into a large size artwork as you would see in a gallery. The advantage of canvas prints is that they are relatively low in weight, which means that it is easy to hang the Canvas print without the use of any wall-mounts. Canvas prints are suitable for all kinds of walls.
  • The poster print on canvas material: A poster is a printed canvas with a slight surface structure, which reminds the original version of the work of art. It is best appropriate for placing the art replica using a custom frame. Please keep in mind, that depending on the size of the poster print we add a white margin between 2-6cm round about the work of art in order to facilitate the framing.

Important information: We try in order to describe the products with as many details as possible and to demonstrate them visually on the different product detail pages. Nonetheless, the pigments of the printed materials and the printing might diverge somehwat from the image on the monitor. Depending on your settings of your screen and the quality of the surface, colors might not be printed as exactly as the digital version shown here. Since our art prints are processed and printed by hand, there might as well be minor discrepancies in the size and exact position of the motif.

Additional information on the original artwork from Mauritshuis website (© Copyright - Mauritshuis - www.mauritshuis.nl)

M.F. Dittlinger, Helvoirt; purchased, 1893 (1.500 guilders, together with inv. nos. 572-574, 576)

Print product data

The artpiece with the title The Five Senses: Smell was created by the baroque painter Jan Miense Molenaer in 1637. The painting had the following size: height: 19,5 cm width: 24,3 cm | height: 7,7 in width: 9,6 in. Oil on panel was used by the artist as the technique for the piece of art. Signed: IM°R was the masterpiece's original inscription. What is more, this artpiece is included in the digital collection of Mauritshuis, which is located in The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands. With courtesy of - Mauritshuis, The Hague (public domain license). Moreover, the work of art has the creditline: M.F. Dittlinger, Helvoirt; purchased, 1893 (1.500 guilders, together with inv. nos. 572-574, 576). In addition to this, the alignment of the digital reproduction is landscape with a ratio of 1.2 : 1, meaning that the length is 20% longer than the width. Jan Miense Molenaer was a painter, whose style can primarily be classified as Baroque. The Baroque painter was born in the year 1600 in Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands and deceased at the age of 68 in the year 1668.

Structured information on the work of art

Title of the artpiece: "The Five Senses: Smell"
Artwork classification: painting
Art classification: classic art
Century: 17th century
Year of creation: 1637
Artwork age: over 380 years
Artwork original medium: oil on panel
Original artwork dimensions: height: 19,5 cm width: 24,3 cm
Signature: signed: IM°R
Exhibited in: Mauritshuis
Place of the museum: The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands
Website of the museum: www.mauritshuis.nl
License: public domain
Courtesy of: Mauritshuis, The Hague
Creditline of artwork: M.F. Dittlinger, Helvoirt; purchased, 1893 (1.500 guilders, together with inv. nos. 572-574, 576)

About the product

Product type: art print
Method of reproduction: digital reproduction
Production process: UV print / digital printing
Manufacturing: manufactured in Germany
Type of stock: on demand production
Intended product usage: wall picture, home design
Orientation: landscape alignment
Image ratio: 1.2 : 1 - length : width
Meaning of the image aspect ratio: the length is 20% longer than the width
Available reproduction fabrics: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print, poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame): 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size options: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39", 180x150cm - 71x59"
Poster print (canvas paper) sizes: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Aluminium dibond print sizes: 60x50cm - 24x20", 120x100cm - 47x39"
Art print framing: no frame

Brief overview of the artist

Artist name: Jan Miense Molenaer
Also known as: Mollineer, Molenaer Jan Miensz., Jan Mynse Molenaar, Mienze Molenaar, molenaer jan mienze, Molinaerdin, Mullenaer, Jan Miense Molenaar, Molanear Jan Miense, Jan Minse Molenaer, Molenar, Jean Mienze Molenaer, Moolenaar, Jean Miense Molenaer, Molinaire, Jun Mis Mollenar, Molynear, Jan Miesse Molenaer, Molenaer J. M., I. Molenaer, Jaques de Molenaer, I. M. Molenaer, Molenaar Jan Miense, Johann Misso Molinaar, Molineare Jan Miense, I.M. Molenaer, J. Moliner, Jan M. Molenaar, Jean Meinse Molenaer, Jan Micux Molenaer, J. Molenaert, J. M. Molenaer, Jan Mynssen, Mience Moolenaar, Molinare, Jean Molnaert, J. M. Molenaar, Johannes Molenaer, Jan Miense Moolenaar, Molaneer Jan Miense, Molaneer, Jan Miensz Molenaer tot Haerlem, J. Molinaer, Molinaer Johannes, Molenare, Molinier, J. M. Moolenaar, Molineer, Johann Minse Molenaer, Meulenaer Jean, Molanear, Moelenner, Jean Mins Molenaer, J.-M. Molenaert, Molinari, Molingher, Jan Mieus Molenaer, Jan Miensze Molenaer, Molinaerdin Jan Miense, J. Moelenaer, Molinare Jan Miense, Molinere Jan Miense, J.M. Molenaert, J.N. Molenaer, Jan Meijnssen, Minssu Molenaer, Jan Menisse Molenaer, Jean Molenaer, Mollenaer, Jan Mienze Molenaar, Mience Molneart, Molenaer Meinsz, J. M. Molinear, J. M. Molinaer, M. Molenaer, John Molener, Molinari Jan Miense, Jean M. Molenaer, J: M: Molenaar, J. Molenaar, Jan Miens Molenaer, J. Miens Molenaer, Jan Molienar, molenaer jan miensze, Molinear Jan Miense, Molenaire, J.M. Molenaer, Jean Meulenaer, Molinate, Molineer Jan Miense, Mines Molenaer, Molinate Jan Miense, jan m. molenaer, Jan Molinar, Jean Molenneer, J. Moolenaar, Jan Molenaar, Jann Molenaar, Jan Mientse Molenaer, Molenair, Molenaer Jan M., Meulenaer Jan Miense, J.-M. Molenaer, J. Molnaert, Jan Miense Molenaer, J.M. Molenaar, Molenaer Jean Miense, Molinard peintre hollandois, Molenar Jan Miense, Moeleaner, Jan Mientz Molenaer, J. Miense Molenaer, Molineaur, Jan Miense Molenalr [Molenaer], Molynear Jan Miense, Jan Miensz. Molenaer, J. Molenaer, Jan Mijnssen, J.M. Moolenaar, jan miensse molenaer, Molenaer Johannes, Molinaar, Jean Mollenaere, Jan Molinear, J.Miense Molenaar, Molineare, Molenaer, Molenaer Jan Miense, Molenaar, Jan Molinaer, Molinaire Jan Miense, Molnaert, J.B. Molenaer, Johannis Molenaer, molenaer jan miense, Molinear, Molenaer Jan, Meulenaer, Molinard Jan Miense, Jan Minnisse Molenaar, Molinaer, Jean Minsen Molenaer, Johan Molenaer, Molinere, Molenaire Jan Miense, Jan Mienze Molenaer, Jan Mienisse Molenaar, J. Melenaar, Moliner, Molenaer Jan Mienze, Molenare Jan Miense, Molinner, Jan Molenaer, Jean Minse Molenaer, Joh. Molinaer
Gender of the artist: male
Nationality of artist: Dutch
Jobs of the artist: painter
Country of the artist: the Netherlands
Artist classification: old master
Art styles: Baroque
Age at death: 68 years
Year born: 1600
Place of birth: Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands
Died in the year: 1668
Place of death: Haarlem, North Holland, Netherlands

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