Jan van Goyen, 1646 - View of the City of Arnhem - fine art print

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General specifications as provided from Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) (© Copyright - by Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) - www.smk.dk)

In 1636/37 van Goyen lost a fortune speculating on tulip bulbs during the so-called “tulipmania”. After this financial disaster he painted pieces such as a series of panoramic landscapes with the town of Arnhem on the horizon.

The painting's horizontal format The characteristic belfry of Grote Kerk and the twin towers of St. Walburgaskerk are prominent landmarks. Typical features of the 1640s style include the horizontal format and the high cloudy skies above the flat landscape that pulls in spectators through the diagonal of the river, accentuated by the fields of light and shadow that divide the picture into separate parts.

The artist's story Jan van Goyen was only ten when he was sent to study art in his native town of Leiden. At the age of 19 he spent a year in France and then concluded his education in Haarlem under Esaias van de Velde (1587-1630). The Haarlem master made his influence felt right up until 1626, as is evident in the figure-filled brightly coloured landscapes. Around 1630 van Goyen joined Pieter de Molijn (1595-1661) and Salomon van Ruysdael (c. 1602-1670) in founding the socalled “tonal” landscape painting, an almost monochrome vein of painting full of calm and simplicity in its representation of the nature and people of the Netherlands.

What type of art product do we present?

The 17th century artwork was made by the baroque artist Jan van Goyen. The version of the piece of art measures the size: 65x96 cm. Oil on panel was used by the painter as the technique for the artpiece. This artwork is included in the digital collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark). With courtesy of - National Gallery of Denmark (licensed - public domain).Creditline of the artwork: . What is more, the alignment is landscape and has an image ratio of 3 : 2, which means that the length is 50% longer than the width. The art dealer, painter Jan van Goyen was an artist, whose artistic style can mainly be assigned to Baroque. The painter was born in 1596 in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands and died at the age of 60 in the year 1656 in Hague, The, South Holland, Netherlands.

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The painter

Artist: Jan van Goyen
Other artist names: Vangoiène, Van Goeyen, Vangoyen Jan Josephsz., van Goeyn, Wangoien, J.N. Gooijen, J. Van Goien, Van Goin, Van-Goyen, J. Van Gouyen, Vangoen, goyen jan van, Jann van Goyen, V. Goyen, J. v. Goijen, V. Goen, Goyen J. van, Goyen Van, J.v. Goijen, Gooyen Jan van, Van Goye, Van Gooyen, Vangoyou, Van Guyen, I. v. Goyen, Vangoyenne, J. van Goijen, Vangoin, Van Gowan, J. van Goven, Vaugoyen Jan Josephsz., Vaugoin, Goen Jan Josephsz. van, J. van Gooijen, Vangoen Jan Josephsz., Van Goyer, Gooij Jan Josephsz. van, V Goyen, חויין יאן ואן, Van Gouen, Jean v. Gojen, Vangowen, J. van Goojen, Van Joen, J. Van Hoyen, Jean Van Goojen, Gooyen, Van Goyen Jan, J v. Goyen, Jan van Gooijen, Johannes van Goyen, Vangoiel, V ngoyen, Ven. J. Gooyen, Jan van Goyen van Leyden, J. Goyen, Jean Van Goeyen, Goijen Jan van, J: v: Gojen, Joh. v. Goyen, Vangogen, Vangoin Jan Josephsz., van Goyien, Goyer, Vangoing, Von Goyen, Jan van Goyjen, J van Goyen, Jan Goyen, Jan Gooijen, Vangoien, Vaugoyen, Gooyen Jan Josephsz. van, J. van Goeyen, Jean von Goyen, Jan van Gooyen, Vangoyer, J. v. Goyen, A. van Goeyen, J. van Gooyen, Van Goier, Van Goien, Gayen Jan Josephsz. van, Jan van Jogen, Vaugoien, J. von Goyen, van Gooijen, Jan van Goyen, J. Vangoyen, J van Gooijen, Jan van Goeyen, Van Gogen, Goin Jan Josephsz. van, Vangloolen, van der Goyen, Jan v. Gojen, Van Goyen, J. Van-Goyen, Johann van Goyen, Van Goijen, J. v. Gooyen, Gojen, Vangoeyen, van Goije, Jan Josephsz van Goyen, Jan van Goy, Von Gojen, W. Goyen, Vangoe, Van. Goyen, Van Gooien, Gooij, J.v. Goyen, Jean Vangoyen, Jean von Gojen, Jan van Gojen, Joh. van Goyen, I. van Goyen, Goye, Goyen, Jan van Gooye, v. Gojen, Jean Van Goyen, Van Goger, van goyen jan, J: van Gojen, Goyen Jan Josephsz. van, Jan von Goyem, Jean Van-Goyen, Vangoupen, J. v. Gooijen, Johannes von der Goyen, Van Gojen, J.J. van Gooijen, Jan Goijen, Jan van Goijen, Jan Joseph van Goyen, Jan van Goije, Goeyen, J. Gojen, Goien Jan Josephsz. van, J. v. Gojen, Goye Jan van, van goyen j., Jean van Gojen, Van Goen, Goyen Jan Josephszoon van, Vangoyen, Van Gouyen, Jan van Goye, Gouen Jan Josephsz. van, van Goeijen, Goyen Jan van, J. Van Goyen, Vangooen, Jan van Goien, Jean Vengoyenne, J. van Gojen, Jan van Royer, Van Gayen, van goyen jan josefsz, J. von Gogen, John van Goyen, Van Gowen, Vanghoyen, Jan Josephsz. Van Goyen, jan von goijen
Artist gender: male
Nationality: Dutch
Professions of the artist: painter, art dealer
Country: the Netherlands
Classification of the artist: old master
Styles: Baroque
Died aged: 60 years
Born in the year: 1596
Born in (place): Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands
Year of death: 1656
Died in (place): Hague, The, South Holland, Netherlands

Background information about the artwork

Artpiece title: "View of the City of Arnhem"
Classification of the artwork: painting
Generic term: classic art
Time: 17th century
Year of creation: 1646
Age of artwork: more than 370 years
Artwork original medium: oil on panel
Original dimensions: 65x96 cm
Museum / collection: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Place of museum: Copenhagen, Denmark
Website of the museum: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Artwork license type: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Denmark

About this item

Article type: art reproduction
Reproduction: reproduction in digital format
Manufacturing method: UV direct printing (digital print)
Product Origin: made in Germany
Stock type: on demand
Intended product usage: home design, wall art
Orientation: landscape alignment
Image aspect ratio: 3 : 2 length to width
Aspect ratio implication: the length is 50% longer than the width
Item material options: metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas print (canvas on stretcher frame): 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31", 150x100cm - 59x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material) options: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Framing of the art copy: unframed art print

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