Louis Michel Eilshemius, 1890 - Stormy Landscape - fine art print

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Supplemental information by the museum (© - by Los Angeles County Museum of Art - www.lacma.org)

Notes from the Curator: Eilshemius’s early paintings were almost all landscapes. These were unlike the personal style with which he later became identified but were typical of the period. As did many late nineteenth-century artists, Eilshemius fell under the influence of GEORGE INNESS and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796-1875) and produced paintings that could be considered to be in the Barbizon manner. Stormy Landscape reflects Inness’s concern for weather conditions, specifically his love for approaching storms, as well as his colorful, poetic palette. Eilshemius painted the clouds in shades of pink, lavender, and gold to form a brilliant foil for the somber greens and blues of the foreground and distant trees. Eilshemius also constructed his composition as INNESS so often did by composing it around an expansive, open field in a settled area of the countryside. While Eilshemius captured the dramatic poetry of INNESS, he avoided the hazy atmosphere of Inness’s late paintings. Small figures in peasant dress often appear in paintings of the Barbizon school. Here the woman seems to be wearing simple rustic clothes and wood shoes. The relatively large scale of the figure is more in keeping with those in the paintings of Corot than of Inness, except in the latter’s work of the mid-1880s. While the painting reads as a landscape rather than as a figure composition set outdoors, the figure is an essential element of the painting, forming a compositional counterpoint to the stream on the right and row of trees in the background. Moreover, the woman contributes to the unsettling mood by her disproportionate scale and mysterious activity.

Structured table of the piece of art

Work of art name: "Stormy Landscape"
Classification: painting
Art categorization: modern art
Time: 19th century
Artpiece year: 1890
Age of artwork: more than 130 years old
Original medium: oil on canvas
Artwork original dimensions: 20 1/4 x 30 in (51,44 x 76,2 cm)
Museum: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Museum location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Website of the museum: Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Artwork license: public domain
Courtesy of: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (www.lacma.org)

Background information on the artist

Artist name: Louis Michel Eilshemius
Additional names: elshemius, Eilshemius Louis M., Eilshemius Louis-Michel, louis eilshemius, Elshemus Louis Michel, Eilshemius Louis Michael, Eilshemius Louis, Elshemius Louis, Louis Michael Eilshemius, Eilshemius Louis Marcel, Louis Michel Eilshemius, אלשמיוס לואיס מישל, Eilshemius Louis Michel, Elshemus Louis M., Eilshemius Louis N., Eilshemius, Louis Elshemius, Louis M. Eilshemius
Artist gender: male
Nationality of artist: American
Professions of the artist: painter
Country: United States
Classification: modern artist
Lifespan: 77 years
Born in the year: 1864
Birthplace: North Arlington, Bergen county, New Jersey, United States
Year died: 1941
Place of death: New York City, New York state, United States

The product

Product classification: wall art
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production method: UV direct printing
Provenance: Germany
Stock type: on demand production
Intended product usage: wall decoration, wall picture
Alignment of the image: landscape format
Aspect ratio: 3 : 2 length : width
Interpretation: the length is 50% longer than the width
Materials you can choose: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), canvas print, poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) sizes: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) sizes: 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Aluminium dibond print (aluminium material): 30x20cm - 12x8", 60x40cm - 24x16", 90x60cm - 35x24", 120x80cm - 47x31"
Frame: not included

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For every fine art print we offer a range of different materials and sizes. Choose among the following product options now to match your preferences in size and material:

  • Aluminium dibond print: These are metal prints on aluminium dibond with an impressive depth, creating a fashionable look throuch a non-reflective surface. A direct Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond is the perfect introduction to fine art prints produced on alu. The bright and white parts of the artwork shimmer with a silk gloss but without glow. The print on aluminium is one of the most demanded entry-level products and is a contemporary way to showcase fine art reproductions, as it draws attention on the replica of the artwork.
  • Canvas: A canvas print, not to be mistaken with a painting on a canvas, is a digital replica printed on a cotton canvas. Your printed canvas of your favorite masterpiece will allow you to transform your art print into a large size work of art like you would see in a true gallery. The great advantage of canvas prints is that they are relatively low in weight. That means, it is easy to hang up the Canvas print without the support of additional wall-mounts. A canvas print is suited for all kinds of walls.
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  • Printed poster (canvas material): A poster is a UV printed canvas with a fine finish on the surface. Please note, that depending on the absolute size of the canvas poster print we add a white margin of around 2-6cm around the print motif, which facilitates the framing.

What type of product do we present you?

This more than 130 year-old masterpiece was created by the painter Louis Michel Eilshemius in 1890. The more than 130 years old original version measures the size: 20 1/4 x 30 in (51,44 x 76,2 cm). Oil on canvas was used by the American painter as the technique for the piece of art. What is more, this artwork is in the the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's digital collection. With courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art (www.lacma.org) (public domain).: . In addition to that, the alignment of the digital reproduction is in landscape format with a side ratio of 3 : 2, which means that the length is 50% longer than the width.

Legal disclaimer: We try all that we can in order to depict our art products as accurately as possible and to exhibit them visually. At the same time, the tone of the print products, as well as the printing may vary slightly from the representation on your device's monitor. Depending on the screen settings and the nature of the surface, color pigments may not be printed as exactly as the digital version. Since all art prints are printed and processed manually, there may as well be slight deviations in the exact position and the size of the motif.

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