Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1532 - Melancholy - fine art print

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Artwork information by the museum's website (© - by Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark) -

With only a stick to help them, three nude boy children attempt to play a game, the object of which is to pass a large ball through a hoop.

A winged woman, lost in thought, splits a stick, seemingly in the process of making another hoop.

The female as a personification of Melancholy Through reference to a similar figure in an Albrecht Dürer print, the seated female has been read as a personification of Melancholy, one of the four temperaments. Renaissance scholars believed that the world was built from a system of correspondences. Melancholy was associated with Saturn, winter, the dragon, lead, and earth.

The other three were the choleric, the sanguine, and the phlegmatic temperaments. Each of these corresponded to other elements, metals, animals, and seasons. In Cranach’s painting, melancholy seems to be linked to something negative: a demonic witches’ ride takes place in a black cloud outside.

Martin Luther's perception of melancholy Perhaps Cranach’s Melancholy reflects his friend Martin Luther’s perception of melancholy as a ”bath of Satan” to be fought with ”spiritual joy” and faith in the Word of God. Whatever the case may be, the enigmatic nature of Cranach’s painting leaves it open to individual interpretation.

Summary of the print product

This 16th century piece of art was created by the male German artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. This artwork belongs to the digital art collection of Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark). With courtesy of - National Gallery of Denmark (public domain license).: . Further, the alignment is in landscape format and has a ratio of 2 : 1, which implies that the length is two times longer than the width. The painter Lucas Cranach the Elder was a European artist from Germany, whose style was primarily Northern Renaissance. The artist was born in 1472 in Kronach, Bavaria, Germany and died at the age of 81 in the year 1553 in Weimar, Thuringia, Germany.

Background information about the unique work of art

Piece of art title: "Melancholy"
Categorization of the work of art: painting
Umbrella term: classic art
Time: 16th century
Created in the year: 1532
Approximate age of artwork: over 480 years old
Museum / location: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Museum location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Website of the museum: Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)
Artwork license type: public domain
Courtesy of: National Gallery of Denmark

Structured article details

Article categorization: fine art print
Reproduction: digital reproduction
Production process: UV direct printing (digital print)
Origin of the product: German-made
Stock type: production on demand
Product usage: wall art, art reproduction gallery
Image orientation: landscape format
Aspect ratio: 2 : 1 - length : width
Interpretation of aspect ratio: the length is two times longer than the width
Materials: acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper), metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print) options: 40x20cm - 16x8", 60x30cm - 24x12", 80x40cm - 31x16", 100x50cm - 39x20", 120x60cm - 47x24", 160x80cm - 63x31", 180x90cm - 71x35"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) options: 40x20cm - 16x8", 60x30cm - 24x12", 80x40cm - 31x16", 100x50cm - 39x20", 120x60cm - 47x24", 160x80cm - 63x31", 180x90cm - 71x35"
Poster print (canvas paper): 60x30cm - 24x12", 80x40cm - 31x16", 100x50cm - 39x20", 120x60cm - 47x24"
Aluminium dibond print size options: 40x20cm - 16x8", 60x30cm - 24x12", 80x40cm - 31x16", 100x50cm - 39x20", 120x60cm - 47x24"
Frame: without frame

Artist metadata table

Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
Other artist names: von Lucas Kranach dem ältern, Lucas Cranache, Cranach Lucas the elder, L. Kranachen, Cranach Lucas Der Ältere, lucas cranach d.Ä.lt, Cranach Lukas d. A., Luca Cranch, von Lucas Müller genannt Cranach dem Alten, Cranak, L. Kronach, Cranach Lucas d. Ält., Lucas Cranach d.Äe., קראנאך לוקאס האב, Luc. Cronach, Cronach, Cranach Lucas, Cranack, Kronach Lucas, Cranach Luc., L. Cranache, lucas cranach d. alt., Lucas Cranach the Elder, L. Cranack, Luca Kranach, Cranach Sunder, Cranach Muller, Lukas Cranach, lucas cranach d. ae., Kranakh Luka, L. Cranach, l. cranach d. alt., Lukas Cranach d.Ä., Lucas Müller genannt Cranach, L. Kranach, cranach lukas d. ae., Cranach the Elder Lucas, Sunder Lucas, L. Cranaccio, Cranach Lucas van Germ., cranach the elder lucas, Lucas Kranachen, älteren Lucas Cranach, Kranach, Luc Cranach, Lucas de Cranach le père, Cranach des Älteren, Cranach Lucas van, lucas cranach d. a., Luca Kranack, Moller Lucas, Lucas Cranach D. Ältere, Luc. Cranach, Lucas (The Elder) Cranach, Cranach Lucas I, Lucas Cranach d.Ä., L. Cranac, Lucas I Cranach, cranach lucas d. ae., Luc. Kranach, Lucas Müller genannt Cranach, Lucius Branach, Lucas Kraen, Cranach d. Ä. Lucas, Lucas de Cranach, Lukas Cranach dem Aeltern, Lucas Cranach der Ältere, Lucas de Cronach, lucas cranach d. aelt., cranach lucas d. alt., Lucas Kranack, Cranaccio, Lucas Granach, Lucas Cranach, Lucas Krane, Lucas Cranch, cranach lucas the elder, Cranach Lucas (The Elder), cranach lucas der altere, Cranach Lukas Der Ältere, Sonder Lucas, Lucas van Cranach, Lucas Kranach, Luc. Kranachen, L. von Cranach, Cranach, lukas cranach der altere, Kranach Lukas, cranach lucas d. a., Maler Lucas, Lucas Cranik, Lucas Müller genannt Sunders, Lukas Cranach d. Ae., Lukas Cranach D. Ä., Muller Lucas, l. cranach d. aelt., Cranach Lukas d. Ae., Luca Cranach, Luckas Cranach d. Ä., Luc Kranach, Cranach Lukas d.Äe., Cranach Lukas d. Ä., Lucas Cranack, l. cranach der altere, Lucas Cranaccio, Lucas Kranich, Cranach Lukas, cranach lucas d.a.
Artist gender: male
Nationality: German
Jobs: painter
Country of origin: Germany
Classification of the artist: old master
Art styles: Northern Renaissance
Lifespan: 81 years
Year born: 1472
Hometown: Kronach, Bavaria, Germany
Year died: 1553
Place of death: Weimar, Thuringia, Germany

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