Peeter Neeffs the Elder, 1651 - Interior of Antwerp Cathedral - fine art print

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Background information about the unique artwork

Title of the painting: "Interior of Antwerp Cathedral"
Classification: painting
Umbrella term: classic art
Temporal classification: 17th century
Created in the year: 1651
Artwork age: over 360 years
Artwork original medium: oil on canvas
Original dimensions (artwork): 18 x 24-1/8 in
Exhibited in: Indianapolis Museum of Art
Place of museum: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
Museum's website:
License type of artwork: public domain
Courtesy of: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Brief overview of the artist

Artist: Peeter Neeffs the Elder
Alternative names: Neffs, Pieter Neef, Peters Neefs, Piter Neeffs de aude fecit, Peter-Neefs, Petrénef, Peeter De Neifs, Neeffs Pieter, Pierre Neef, Piere Neffs, Peeter Neefs Der Ältere, de Neff, Neefs Peter d.Ä., Neeffs Pieter the elder, Neeffs Peeter the elder, Peter de Neefs, Petersneeff, Peter Neif, Pietre Neefs, P. Neeft, neefs pieter, P. Niefs, Neeffs, Peter de Neifs, Peternef, Peeter Neff, Peeter de Neef, De Nuf, Petter Nefs, Pieters Nefs, vom alten Neefs, Pierre Neefs le père, De Neifs, P. Neeff, Peter Nef, Neefs Peter, Old Neefs, Pet. Neefs, Neifs, Pierre Neeffes, Neeffs Peeter I, Petre Neeffs, Peeter I Neeffs, Pieter Neeffs d. Ae., Petter Neefs, Pierre Neffs, de Neeff, Peter Neuf, pieter neefs d.a., D. Neefs, neefs pieter d. a., P. Neeffs, Peeter Noef, Peeter Neeffs the Elder, Péters Nefs, Neeffs Peeter, P. Neef, Peter Neff, Peeter Neifs, Pet.r Neef, Pitre Neefs, Piterneffe, Peeters Néefs, Denuf, Pieter Neefs d. Ä., Neefs Peeter d. Ä., Nefs Peeter I, P. Nief, Neffs Pieter the elder, neefs peeter the elder, Peeter Deneefs, P. Neefe, neefs pieter d.a., Neefs Pieter the elder, neefs pieter d.a., De Neefs, Neefs, Pierre Néefs, Pierre Neeffs le vieux, Pierre Neeffs, Peter Nefs, D. Neef, Peter de Neef, Nefs Peeter I, Peeter Neefes, Péterneeff, Petersneefs, de Neif, Peter Neffs, Petersnef, Neefs Peeter, Peterneff, Peterny, Neefs Peeter I, P. de Neef, Peter Neefes, Peter Neefs called the Old, Peter Neuff, pieter neeffs der altere, Pierre Neff, Pieter Neefs, Neife, Neeffs Peeter (The Elder), Neff, Peter Neef, Pfterrs Neef, Peter Neufs, Pieter Nefs, Neeffs Pieter I, Peeter Denuf, De Nief, pieter neefs d. altere, De Neefe, Deneefs, Piter Neves, Pieter Neefs der Ältere, pieter neefs d. alt., Pierre Neefs dit le Vieux, neefs pieter der altere, Den Auden Neefs, Pit. Neefs, Peter De Neuff, Petersneef, Neefs Peeter the elder, Deneuf, Peter Neeffs, Peeter (The Elder) Neeffs, Pieter Neeffs d. Ä., P. Neess, P. Deneffe, Peter Neoff, Peter de Neefe, P. Neuff, Peeter Neeft, Peter Ness, Peter Neefs, Pieternef, De Neef, P. Neefs, Pieter Neeffs, neeffs peeter sr., Neef, Peterneef, Peeter Neef, Peters-Neefs, Peeters Neeffs, Neefs Pieter D. Ältere, P. Noef, Neeffs Peeter Ältere, Peterneefs, Pieter de Neif, P. Neefes, Peter Neeff, Niefs, Peeter Neefe, Peeter Niefs, Le vieux Neefs, Deneef, Neeffs Peeter I, Demef, Peeter Neeffs, Peternofe, Pierre Néeff, Peeter Neefs, Peterrs Neef, Peeter Neffs, P. Neff, de Neeffs, Neeffs Pieter I
Artist gender: male
Nationality of artist: Belgian
Jobs: born ca., painter
Country of origin: Belgium
Classification of the artist: old master
Age at death: 93 years
Birth year: 1568
Hometown: Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium
Year of death: 1661
Place of death: Antwerp, Antwerpen province, Flanders, Belgium

About this article

Article categorization: art print
Method of reproduction: reproduction in digital format
Manufacturing method: UV direct print (digital printing)
Production: manufactured in Germany
Stock type: on demand
Product use: art collection (reproductions), wall picture
Image orientation: landscape alignment
Side ratio: 1.4 : 1
Side ratio meaning: the length is 40% longer than the width
Available options: metal print (aluminium dibond), canvas print, acrylic glass print (with real glass coating), poster print (canvas paper)
Canvas on stretcher frame (canvas print): 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Acrylic glass print (with real glass coating) size variants: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Poster print (canvas paper) size options: 70x50cm - 28x20"
Aluminium dibond print size options: 70x50cm - 28x20", 140x100cm - 55x39"
Framing of the artprint: not available

Select your desired item material

We offer a range of various sizes and materials for every product. In order match your personal requirements perfectly, you can choose among the following product customization options:

  • Acrylic glass print: A glossy acrylic glass print, often named a print on plexiglass, changes an artwork into stunning wall décor and offers a good alternative option to canvas or dibond fine art replicas. The artwork is being printed with modern UV print machines.
  • Canvas: A printed canvas, not to be confused with an artwork painted on a canvas, is a digital image printed directly on canvas material. Your canvas of your favorite work of art will let you turn your art print into a large work of art like you know from galleries. The great advantage of canvas prints is that they are relatively low in weight. This means, it is quite simple to hang the Canvas print without the use of any wall-mounts. A canvas print is suitable for any kind of wall.
  • Poster print (canvas material): Our poster is a printed canvas with a slightly rough finish on the surface, which resembles the actual work of art. Please bear in mind, that depending on the size of the poster we add a white margin between 2-6cm around the print, which facilitates the framing with a custom frame.
  • Metal (aluminium dibond print): These are metal prints on aluminium dibond with an impressive depth effect - for a modern impression and non-reflective surface.

Which kind of product do we present you?

The more than 360 year-old artpiece was made by Peeter Neeffs the Elder. The beyond 360 years old original has the size: 18 x 24-1/8 in. Oil on canvas was applied by the Belgian painter as the technique for the work of art. Today, this artwork belongs to the Indianapolis Museum of Art's digital collection. With courtesy of: Indianapolis Museum of Art (public domain license).The creditline of the artwork is: . What is more, the alignment is landscape with an aspect ratio of 1.4 : 1, meaning that the length is 40% longer than the width.

Legal note: We try whatever we can in order to describe the art products as accurately as we can and to exhibit them visually. Still, the tone of the printed materials, as well as the print result might differ slightly from the presentation on the device's monitor. Depending on the screen settings and the quality of the surface, not all color pigments are printed 100% realistically. Because all fine art prints are processed and printed manually, there might as well be slight deviations in the size and exact position of the motif.

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